USA Cycling & UCI Equipment Regulations


USA Cycling and the UCI each have rules pertaining to various pieces of cycling equipment and bike position set-up. While these regulations often differ between disciplines, age groups and competition level, all cyclists are expected to follow the rules just as officials are expected to ensure a level playing field.

USA Cycling Rules

The USA Cycling rule book contains several sections dedicated to rules governing equipment and its usage during competitive events. Most equipment used in USA Cycling events are covered under the following regulation, 1I Bicycles. In addition, the following resources are available:

UCI Rules

UCI equipment rules are strictly enforced at all events or race categories where UCI points are scored. This includes various age groups at USA Cycling’s national championships (Eligibility and Rules).

In addition to the UCI’s rule book page, the international governing body also maintains an Equipment Regulations page that contains several links on the technical aspects of cycling equipment, including uniforms.

Additionally, the UCI has released a lengthy document clarifying equipment regulations.

For more information or if you have questions on equipment regulations for USA Cycling and UCI competitions, please contact USA Cycling's Technical Director, Randy Shafer.