USA Cycling MTB Promoter Payout


Dear Mountain Bike Organizers:
The 2014 USA Cycling Mountain Bike Race Directors Incentive Program funds will be calculated during January of 2015.  Checks will be issued during the month of April, 2015.   The 2014 payouts are awarded to the sponsoring club for events that were held during the period of January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014.

In order for the sponsoring clubs to receive their payout checks, the following are required:

1. Submission of a completed and signed W-9 form.  W-9 forms must be received by March 15, 2015 or your incentive payment will be forfeited.     

W-9 form is available from the IRS website:  Form W-9
Please mail, fax, or scan and email to:
USA Cycling
Attn: W-9 MTB Race Director Payout
210 USA Cycling Point, Suite 100
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
Fax: 719-434-4300
 Scan and e-mail to:

2.   If a USAC club has any outstanding (delinquent) post-events, these must be submitted before the payout checks will be issued.  The payout amounts cannot be applied to delinquent post-events.

For complete details about qualifications, see the outline below:

2014 USAC-MTB Race Director Incentive Program
  • Payments are issued to the sponsoring club or individual licensed race director
  • The sponsoring club must submit a W-9 to USA Cycling
  • Rider surcharges must be collected from each rider:  $3.60 per rider per day
  • Category 1 and Pro riders are required to buy a USAC-MTB annual membership.
  • USAC-MTB Race Director’s Incentive Account
    • $5 from every annual USAC-MTB adult full price racing license ($70) sold for riders who live in the Race Director’s state during the 2014 calendar year will go into an incentive account to be divided among each state’s Race Directors at the end of the racing (November 30th cutoff).
    • Distribution will be determined by percent of riders per day hosted by each Race Director for their respective state. If there is more than one USAC Club listed on the Permit, then the incentive earned for the event will be evenly distributed among the non-collegiate USAC Clubs listed on the Permit.
    •  Rider days = the # of riders reported in the competitive post-event for insurance surcharges payment.
Example #1                            Saturday XC = 200 riders
                                                Sunday DH = 50 riders
250 riders x $3.60 = $900 rider surcharge payment due.  Race Director earned 250 rider days toward end year payout.
Example #2                            Saturday XC = 200 riders
                                                Saturday DH = 50 riders
                                                10 riders competed in both events
240 riders x $3.60 - $864 rider surcharge payment due. Race Director earned 240 rider days toward end year payout.
Post-Event Report and Race Results Submission
Race Directors have 21 business days to remit complete post event materials and race resultsRace Directors who do not submit the complete post-event report and race results to USAC within the 21-day window will not be included in the USAC-MTB Race Director Incentive Program for that race. 
“Complete” post-events include the following:
1.  USA Cycling-MTB Official’s Report
2.  USA Cycling-MTB Post Event Report
3.  Reports of Occurrence (if applicable) along with related signed waivers for injured parties
4.  Annual license applications
5.  Payments (insurance surcharges & annual license fees)
6.  Race results (must be submitted in the National Results & Rankings format)
Mail Complete Post-Events To:
USA Cycling, Inc.
Attn:  USAC-MTB Post-Event/(state)
210 USA Cycling Point Suite 100
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Events Not Eligible for 2014 USAC-MTB Race Director Incentive Payout
  1. Collegiate/High School Clubs and Collegiate/High School (NCCA) mountain bike events are not eligible for the Race Director Incentive fund payout. 
  2. Excludes all National Championship events and any event/program owned and operated by USA Cycling or USA Cycling Foundation. 

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