USA Cycling Insurance Programs


Event and Rider Insurance Coverage

USA Cycling, Inc. has general liability and rider accident insurance that covers association events for which a permit has been issued. This insurance covers road, track, mountain biking, cyclo-cross, collegiate and pro events.

Ancillary Event Liability, Event Cancellation & Weather Insurance

USA Cycling race directors, clubs and coaches can submit information online to receive no obligation quotes and bind insurance coverage for ancillary event liability, event cancellation and weather insurance for their USA Cycling permitted events. The need for this protection arises from the fact that the USA Cycling sanctioned event liability and event accident medical insurance policy is primarily designed to provide coverage for participants only. It does extend liability protection against spectator lawsuits for actions related to the actual race (i.e. rider loses control and collides with a spectator), but it does not extend coverage for ancillary non-racing activities like concerts, vending, expo, concessions, demonstrations, etc.

Policy Summary Disclosures

This information only summarizes the policies below and is just an overview. Coverage is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy(ies). Should a discrepancy occur between this synopsis of coverage and the actual terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy(ies), the policy(ies) terms, conditions and exclusion will prevail.

Event-Related Insurance

Rider Insurance

Club & Organization Insurance

Optional Member Insurance

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