USA Cycling Continuing Education Policy


USA Cycling’s Coaching Education Mission is to Enhance coaches abilities through excellence in education, opportunities, tools, and technology.  The purpose of our continuing education program is to support this mission and provide USA Cycling coaches with the most up to date knowledge and skills related to being a cycling coach.

Program Overview

In order to maintain a coaching license through USA Cycling, each coach is required to complete 40 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) over a two-year cycle.  Coaches must submit a CEU Report Form for recertification every two (2) years, which is based on the first year the coach earned a coaching license. CEU Report Forms will only be accepted at the time of your coaching license renewal. Coaches are responsible for tracking and recording their CEUs, USA Cycling is not responsible for tracking individual coaches CEUs.

***CEU Provider Program***
The goal of the CEU Provider program is to provide USA Cycling coaches with quality education to coach cyclists. Each provider listed below has submitted an application and been approved by the USA Cycling Coaching Education Department to offer valuable CEUs. Any CEU not listed below has not been approved and will not count toward the 40 CEUs.  If you know of a company or organization who should apply for our CEU Provider Program, please refer them to our Seal of Approval Form or contact the Continuing Education Department at

As a coach, it is your responsibility to obtain at least 40 CEUs every two years in order to renew your coaching license. Coaches who meet the 40 CEU requirements through continuing education, will receive a “with distinction” as noted on the FIND A COACH page. CEUs gained while a coaches license is inactive or suspended will not count towards the 40 CEU requirement. CEUs will only be accepted if achieved with an active coaching license. Continuing education does NOT include the daily activities of a coach such as attending training, leading training rides, meeting with athletes, etc.
Coaches who are unable to meet the 40 CEU requirements will have to pay the CEU recertification fee and/or re-take the exam, dependent on the coach’s level of certification. Please see the chart below to determine your CEU recertification and if you need to retake the test. To pay the recertification fee, log on to your USA Cycling account, click on “Account”, then click on “Coaching Links (including tests)” and the corresponding recertification fee.  If the link does not appear, please email
Coaching Level 40+ CEUs 20-39 CEUs 0-19 CEUs
Level 3 No CEU recertification fee/No Re-exam $20+re-examination $35+re-examination
Level 2 No CEU recertification fee/No Re-exam $79 $149+ re-examination
Level 1 No CEU recertification fee $129 $249

2016-17 CEU Provider Approved CEU List
Below is a list of approved CEU programs.  Please note, the programs listed below have applied and been approved for the  Provider CEU Program. If you are interested in applying as an USA Cycling approved CEU Provider, please contact the Coaching Education Director.
Company/Organizer Type CEU Value
American Red Cross or American Heart Assoc. CPR/AED/BLS Certification 3 Clinic 6 per day Seminar 1 Summit 5 Webinar 1 Workshop 3 Camp 3 per day
British Cycling Webinar 1
Carmichael Training Systems Webinar 1
CDC Concussion Training Online course 2
Collegiate Coaching, Head or Assistant of a collegiate team Per Calendar/Academic Year 10
College Credits per Semester, pertaining to cycling Semester Credits 5
College Credits per Quarter, pertaining to cycling Quarter Credts 3
Charity Coaching Program (JDFR/TNT) Program 5
CPR/First Aid/American Red Cross Workshop 3
Cycling Fusion Workshop - 1 Day 6
Cycling Fusion Webinar 1
Early Bird  Leader/Coach per Day 3
Early Bird Mentor per Day 2
Gatorade Sports Science Institute Self Test 1
Gatorade Sports Science Institute Webinars 1
Heart Zones Seminar - 1/2 Day 3
Heart Zones Seminar - 1 Day 6
High School Coaching Per Year 5
Human Kinetics Courses 1-5 CEUs (depending on course)

INSCYD Performance Workshops

Workshop 5
Innovations in Training with Power for Endurance Sports Conference - 3 Days 12
International Police Mountain Bike Course Clinic - 4 Days 20
IRONMAN University Coaching Certification 10
IRONMAN University Online Courses 1.5
International Society of Sports Nutrition Conference 15
LEOMO Certification (via Peaks Coaching Group) Certification 8
Medicine of Cycling Conference 20
More Than Sport Summit 15
Moxy - Muscle Oxygen Physiology Online Course 5
National Governing Body Coaching Certification 20
National Interscholastic Cycling Association Coach Exams 3
National Interscholastic Cycling Association Online Course 1
National Interscholastic Cycling Association Summit 15
National Interscholastic Cycling Association Webinars 1
Peaks Coaching Group Camps/Power Camps 15
Peaks Coaching Group Seminar - 1 Day 6
Peaks Coaching Group Seminar - 2 Days 10
Peaks Coaching Group Webinar 1
Peer Reviewed Written Articles Written Aritcles 2
Performance Conditioning Cycling Self-tests (each) Self Tests 1
Respect in Sport Training 3
Retul Bike Fit Clinic - 5 Days 20
Retul Bike Fit - 1/2 Day 3
Safe Sport (including refresher) Training 3
Salt Lake City Community College Endurance Sports Show Symposium 15
Science & Cycling Conference 40
Serotta International Cycling Institute Bike Fit - 3 Days 15
Serotta International Cycling Institute Webinar 1
Source Endurance LLC Article with Quiz 1
Source Endurance LLC Clinic - 1 Day 6
Source Endurance LLC Webinar 1
Specialists in Sports Performance Clinic - 1 Day 6
Specialists in Sports Performance Clinic - 2 Days 12
Specialists in Sports Performance Online Courses 1
Specialists in Sports Performance Webinar 1
Specialists in Sports Performance Workshop 3
Stanford University "Your Body in the World" Participation 7
Stanford University "Your Body in the World" Participation and Test 10
Stanford University "Your Body in the World" Participation, Test and Passing with Distinction 15
Team Director for UCI/IPC per day, max. 20 in a CEU cycle Per Day 5
TrainingPeaks University- In person/online Clinic - Multi Day 10/6
TrainingPeaks Seminar - 1 Day 8
TrainingPeaks Endurance Coaching Summit Summit - Multi Day 15
TrainingPeaks Endurance Coaching Summit Summit - Multi Day (Virtual Ticket) 7
TrainingPeaks Webinar 1
TrainingPeaks Online Course 4
True Sport Training 2
UCI Coach Development Programme UCI Level 1 Coaching Certificate 20
UCI Coach Development Programme UCI Level 2 Coaching Certificate 30
UCI Coach Development Programme UCI Coaching Diploma 40
UCI National Commissar Clinic - 1 Day 10
UCI True Champion or Cheat Online, Complete Modules 4
United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy Participation 7
United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy Participation and Test 10
USA Cycling Beginning Racer Program Leader/Coach per Day 3
USA Cycling Beginning Racer Program Mentor per Day 2
USA Cycling Certified Skills Instructor Clinic 15
USA Cycling Coaching Summit Summit 40
USA Cycling Coaching Summit DVD/Online DVD/Online 20
USA Cycling Coaching Summit DVD Test Online Test 10
USA Cycling Discipline Specific Certification Certification 15
USA Cycling Jr. Summit Summit 8
USA Cycling Level 1 Clinic Clinic 40
USA Cycling Level 2 Clinic Clinic 30
USA Cycling Level 3 Certification Certification 20
USA Cycling National Symposium Symposium 20
USA Cycling Officials Clinic A/B Clinic 10
USA Cycling Officials Clinic C Clinic 4
USA Cycling Safe Sport Online 3
USA Cycling Talent ID Camp Manager Camp Manager 15
USA Cycling Talent ID Coach Coach 3 (per day)
USA Cycling Webinars, for attendees Webinar 2
USA Cycling Webinars, for presenters Webinar 4
USA Paralympic Development Camp Per Day 3
USA Cycling Power Based Training Certification Certification 10
USA Cycling Power Based Training Clinic Clinic 20
USA Triathlon Art and Science Symposium Symposium 10
USA Triathlon Coach Certification Certification 20
USA Triathlon Webinar, applicable to cycling Webinar 1
USA Triathlon Youth and Junior Certifcation Certification 5
USADA Webinars Webinar 2
USOC National Coaching Conference Conference 10
USOC Symposium Symposium 10
Velocious Cycling Webinar 1
Velocious Cycling Seminar 1/2 Day 10
Velocious Cycling Camp 15
WADA CoachTrue Online 2
YES (Youth Educational Sports) Clinic/Webinar 5/4

If you have questions, please contact the Coaching Education Manager.

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