USA Cycling announces 2013 Kuck and Stenner scholarship winners


Colorado Springs, Colo. (January 9, 2014) — The USA Cycling Development Foundation has recognized four student-athletes with the annual John Stenner and Joshua Kuck Memorial Scholarships.

The winners of the John Stenner Memorial Scholarships are Matthew Baranoski (Penn State) and Rose Long (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai) and the winners of the Joshua Kuck Memorial Scholarships are Erika Pearsons (California State University) and David Ziehr (Harvard Medical School)

The John Stenner Memorial Scholarships are based on academic achievements, athletic accomplishments and service to the community with an emphasis on collegiate team involvement and leadership. Stenner scholarships are funded by donations to the USA Cycling Development Foundation in the name of John Stenner, one of the founders of collegiate cycling.

The Joshua Kuck Memorial Scholarships are based on outstanding achievements in the areas of cycling safety, advocacy and education. The program is funded through the USA Cycling Development Foundation by directed donations from the friends and family of Joshua Kuck, a University of South Florida collegiate cyclist who was killed on his bike in 2007.

Professional track cyclist Matthew Baranoski has not only balanced an elite cycling career with impressive academic achievements, but has also proven his commitment to community service. The electrical engineering major and dean's list member has given back to the sport not only through working to improve his collegiate club, but also by mentoring young athletes (one who recently achieved his dream of winning a junior national title). Baranoski also makes annual trips to the middles schools in his former school district to speak to the children about setting goals and chasing dreams. He gives examples from his own cycling career and makes sure to stress the importance of wearing helmets.  
Currently a graduate student of Biomedical Sciences at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, Rose Long first found her niche in cycling as an undergraduate member of the cycling team at the University of Vermont. While there, she also worked for a bike shop and mentored young girls in the Little Bellas program. However, Long left the competitive side of the sport for a while after becoming the victim of a life-threatening hit-and-run. It wasn't until she returned to school last year a Mount Sinai that her interest in racing was rekindled. With a new opportunity to participate in collegiate cycling, Long founded the Mount Sinai collegiate team, won the criterium at the 2013 Collegiate Road Nationals, and is constantly on a mission to introduce the Sinai community to her great sport.
After receiving her bacehlor's degree from UC Santa Barbara, Pearsons moved to California State University in Sacramento where she expects to graduate this year with a Master of Education in Special Education. The life-long cyclist developed the first Women's Collegiate Cycling Conference camp on the west coast in 2011 and provided skills clinics, women-specific lectures, and an open forum on promoting women's cycling. She is currently a sixth grade student teacher who brings in her various bikes for show-and-tell while explaining to her students the importance of helmets and following the rules of the road.
After receiving a bachelor's degree in molecular biology in 2009, Ziehr is now seeking his MD at Harvard Medical School and expects to graduate in 2015. While working at a clinic, the Rhodes Scholarship finalist met a young boy who seemed proud of the fact that he'd crashed his bike without wearing a helmet. With this as his inspiration, Ziehr used his passion for cycling and experience in pediatric trauma to design a pilot project to give away free helmets and provide safety counseling at every well child exam in two local primary care centers.  The program launches in the spring of 2014 and is just one example of his commitment to both cycling and community service.
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Pictured below clockwise from top left: Baranoski, Long, Ziehr, and Pearsons.

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