U.S. adds six more medals on second day of BMX World Championships


Auckland, New Zealand (July 25, 2013) – The 2013 UCI BMX World Championships continued Thursday at the Vector Area in Auckland, New Zealand, where the Americans earned six more medals, including four world championships.

Michael Gonzales (Watsonville, Calif.) earned his second world title in two days after winning the 13-14-year-old boys contest. Dane Morales (Aliso Viejo, Calif.) topped the 7-year-old boys challenge class while Reid Austin (Grand Junction, Colo./Redman-Rockstar) won the 12-and-under boys cruiser category. Carly Dyar (Gilbert, Ariz./Redline Challenge) collected America’s third gold medal of the day when she won the 17-29 women's cruiser category. Grace Stevenson (Gilbert, Ariz./Redline Challenge) collected a silver medal in the 8-year-old girls competition and Connor Defrain (La Palma, Calif./Haro-Promax) added a bronze medal in the 9-year-old boys group.

Carly Dyar topped the 17-29-year-old women's field
Carly Dyar topped the 17-29-year-old women's field. (Photo by Jerry Landrum)

"The USA Cycling BMX squad had a solid day and wrapped up a successful quest in the UCI BMX World Challenge events at the World Championships,” USA Cycling Director of Sprint Jamie Staff said. “With some solid results, a majority of the riders in the main events, and six total gold medals, the Americans have proven to be one of the strongest teams at the event. While not as many wins as expected were brought home, the progress and heart displayed shows for a very bright future for the United States of America’s BMX program."

Morales won each of his races on Thursday on his way to riding away with the win in the 7-year-old boys main. After finishing seventh in her first qualifying run, Stevenson rebounded to place second in the remaining two motos to advance to the semifinal. She placed third in the semifinal and earned the silver medal in the main.

In the 9-year-old boys competition, Defrain won five of his six motos leading up to the main, placing second in one of his qualifying runs. Defrain placed third in the main. Colin McElyea (Scottsdale, Ariz./Redman Devo) and Jack Bakken (Lone Tree, Colo./J&R Bicycles Team) each lost in the quarterfinal. Robbie Stebbing (Murieta, Calif./Napa Valley Crush) was defeated in the 1/8 final and Maverick Gale (Corona, Calif./Redman Rockstar Devo) did not advance past the qualifying moto.

Ryder Gale (Corona, Calif./Redman Rockstar Devo) finished sixth in the 5-6-year-old boys cruiser contest. He finished third in his each his qualifying motos, fourth in the quarterfinal and semifinal before placing sixth in the main.

Thomas Stevenson (Gilbert, Ariz./Jalapeno Experience) represented the United States in the 8-year-old contest and finished eighth in the main. Stephanie Beynon (Cumming, Ga./Fastback Vendetta), the lone American rider in the 9-year-old girls races, did not advance past the qualifying motos.

The U.S. dominated the 13-14-year-old boys cruiser category. Four Americans reached the semifinals, including Gonzales. Colin Whittington (Arlington, Texas/Factory Crupi) finished fifth in the main. Dylan Moreira (Orlando, Fla./Blackcrown Products) and Justin Hendley (Chandler, Ariz.) were eliminated in the semifinals. Michael Smith (La Quinta, Calif./Avent-Bombshell) did not advance past the qualifying round.

Austin, who finished eighth in Wednesday's challenge race, came out on Thursday seeking revenge. He exacted it on the track, winning all of his races in the 12-and-under boys cruiser class, including the main, on his way to topping the podium. Dillon Turner (Morrison, Colo./Bikeparts.com) was eliminated in Austin's semifinal while Benicio Sereni (Newark, Calif./Hooligans Racing-Fairfax) did not advance past the quarterfinals. Cailen Calkin (NZL) and Olilver Moran (AUS) placed second and third, respectively.

Dyar, who won silver in her challenge race on Thursday, also won each of her qualifying races en route to collecting the gold medal. Nicole Wright (NZL) finished second while Catherine Soucaze (FRA) earned the bronze medal.

Reid Austin topped the boys 12-and-under podium
Reid Austin topped the boys 12-and-under podium. (Photo by Jerry Landrum)

Three riders represented the U.S. in the 45-and-over men's race. Robert Carnahan (San Jose, Calif./Calabazas Cyclery) advanced to the main where he finished fifth. William Hudson and Scott Clark (Carmichael, Calif.) did not advance past the qualifying races.

Jaydra Kinsey (Bend, Ore./Black Box-Tradition-DKOI) advanced to the main where she placed eighth among the 16-and-under girls. Fourteen-year-old Emily Grice (Asheville, N.C./Doublecross Bikes) finished seventh in the semifinal which saw Kinsey place third and advance to the main. Shannon Bowles (Gillette, Wyo./Identiti) did not advance past the qualifying round.

Justin Dyar (Gilbert, Ariz.) finished eighth among the 17-24-year-old men.

Neither Antonio Bonessi (Hendersonville, N.C./Hyper-Rennen-1-9 Wheel) nor Damian Ontiveros (Fremont, Calif.) advanced past the qualifying round of the 15-16 boys competition. In the 30-34-year-old men's contest, Jonas Harmon (Logan, Utah/Factory GT) did not advance past the quarterfinals while Christopher Cowan (Toms River, N.J./Shore Cycling Sports) did not advance past the qualifying motos. Elizabeth Jones (Elmhurst, Ill.) advanced to the quarterfinals of the 30-and-over women's contest. John Pfeiffer (Brooklyn, N.Y.) advanced to the men's 35-39 semifinal moto, but did not advance to the main. Joshua Shipp (Phoenix, Ariz./Works Development) made it as far as the quarterfinals of the 40-44-year-old men's contest.

After a training day on Friday, competition resumes Saturday with elite men's and women's time trials. Connor Fields (Henderson, N.V./Chase BMX) will look to defend his rainbow jersey in the time trial.

2013 UCI BMX World Championships
July 23-28, 2013
Vector Arena
Auckland, New Zealand


Challenge Class

5-6-year-old boys

Dane Morales topped the 7-year-old boys challenge class
Grace Stevenson finished second among the 8-year-old girls challenge class. (Photo by Jerry Landrum)

1. Benaiah Richards (AUS)
2. Sam Cannon (NZL)
3. Rory Meek (NZL)
6. Ryder Gale (Corona, Calif./Redman Rockstar Devo)

7-year-old boys
1. Dane Morales (Aliso Viejo, Calif.)
2. Federico Ariel Capello (ARG)
3. Wyatt Stevens-McNab (NZL)

8-year-old boys
1. Tipene Kennedy (NZL)
2. Thomas Tucker (AUS)
3. Jake Earnest (NZL)
8. Thomas Stevenson (Gilbert, Ariz./Jalapeno Experience)

8-year-old girls
1. Leila Walker (NZL)
2. Grace Stevenson (Gilbert, Ariz./Redline Challenge)
3. Sophie Craig (AUS)

9-year-old boys
1. Lachlan Stevens-McNab (NZL)
2. James Whyte (NZL)
3. Connor Defrain (La Palma, Calif./Haro-Promax)
Colin McElyea (Scottsdale, Ariz./Redman Devo)
Jack Bakken (Lone Tree, Colo./J&R Bicycles Team)
Robbie Stebbing (Murieta, Calif./Napa Valley Crush)
Maverick Gale (Corona, Calif./Redman Rockstar Devo)

9-year-old girls

Dane Morales won his second consecutive world championship in New Zealand
Dane Morales won his second consecutive world championship in New Zealand. (Photo by Jerry Landrum)

1. Kjelle Poets (BEL)
2. Megan Williams )NZL)
3. Jenna Hastings (NZL)
Stephanie Beynon (Cumming, Ga./Fastback Vendetta)

5-7-year-old girls
1. Sacha Earnest (NZL)
2. Sage Piebenga (NZL)
3. Portia Eden (AUS)

Cruiser Class

12-and-under boys
1. Reid Austin (Grand Junction, Colo./Redman-Rockstar)
2. Cailen Calkin (NZL)
3. Oliver Moran (AUS)
Benicio Sereni (Newark, Calif./Hooligans Racing-Fairfax)
Dillon Turner (Morrison, Colo./Bikeparts.com)

13-14 boys
1. Michael Gonzales (Watsonville, Calif.)
2. Luciano Timis (CHI)
3. Maynard Peel (NZL)
5. Colin Whittington (Arlington, Texas/Factory Crupi)
Dylan Moreira (Orlando, Fla./Blackcrown Products)
Justin Hendley (Chandler, Ariz.)
Michael Smith (La Quinta, Calif./Avent-Bombshell)

15-16 boys
1. Juan Carlos Diaz Serna (COL)
2. Bruno Andrade Cogo (BRA)
3. Daniel Bowers-Wilson (NZL)
Antonio Bonessi (Hendersonville, N.C./Hyper-Rennen-1-9 Wheel)
Damian Ontiveros (Fremont, Calif.)

16-and-under girls
1. Tahlia Hansen (NZL)
2. Rebecca Petch (NZL)
3. Dion Bromley (AUS)
8. Jaydra Kinsey (Bend, Ore./Black Box-Tradition-DKOI)
Emily Grice (Asheville, N.C./Doublecross Bikes)
Shannon Bowles (Gillette, Wyo./Identiti)
Kelsey van Ogle (Auburn, Wash./Phoenix Bicycles)

1. Carly Dyar (Gilbert, Ariz./Redline Challenge)
2. Nicole Wright (NZL)
3. Catherine Soucaze (FRA)

17-24 men
1. Robin Van Der Kolk (NED)
2. Shaun Cuthbert (AUS)
3. Charly Omont (FRA)
8. Justin Dyar (Gilbert, Ariz.)

25-29 men
1. Rick Van Den Dikkenberg (NED)
2. Adam Coker (NZL)
3. Kieron McAvoy (GBR)

30-34 men
1. Dorus Brink (NED)
2. Tyrone Johns (RSA)
3. Julien Marie (FRA)
Jonas Harmon (Logan, Utah/Factory GT)
Christopher Cowan (Toms Rivers, N.J./Shore Cycling Sports)

30-and-up women
1. Vanessa Quin (NZL)
2. Sarsha Huntington (AUS)
3. Jeanette Davies (NZL)
Elizabeth Jones (Elmhurst, Ill.)

35-39 men
1. Steven Schimanski (NZL)
2. Luke Barnes (AUS)
3. Gundars Osis (LET)
John Pfeiffer (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

40-44 men
1. Dave Mohi (NZL)
2. Jean Renau Ducos De Lahitte (FRA)
3. Richie McLachlan (NZL)
Joshua Shipp (Phoenix, Ariz./Works Development)
Shan Hatfield (Acworth, Ga.)

45-and-over men
1. Gary Morgan (GBR)
2. Rodney Jones (NZL)
3. Brad Prestwidge (AUS)
5. Robert Carnahan (San Jose, Calif./Calabazas Cyclery)
William Hudson
Scott Clark (Carmichael, Calif.)
Steven Spencer (Bakersfield, Calif.)

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