Sixty mechanics earn right to carry USA Cycling Mechanics License


Colorado Springs, Colo. (December 6, 2012) -- Sixty aspiring bicycle mechanics gathered at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs last week to participate in the Bill Woodul Race Mechanics Clinic.

The 26th edition of the one-of-a-kind clinic was aimed at mechanics with at least two years of work experience. Held Nov. 28 – Dec. 2, it gave them an opportunity to learn from industry experts, receive hands-on experience, and network with cycling industry leaders.

At the end of the five days, all 60 students graduated and are now eligible for a USA Cycling mechanics license.  

“I asked some well reputable mechanics in my area if they were familiar with the program and if they had their mechanics license. Most knew of the program but none had attended so it behooved me to attend and get the license to add value to the shop and my own resume,” explained one of the participants, Michael Crowell, who works for North of the Border Bicycles in San Diego. “I also had a close call with a job at Shimano last year and was told I missed out since I had yet to attend the Woodul Clinic. I've had a desire for some time to work on the road for a pro team and really decided it was time to pursue. This clinic was the only program of such sorts I knew of to help get me there.”

The clinic focuses on helping a mechanic reach the next level of professional expertise by improving their skills both in the classroom and on the bike.  Instructional sessions included:

Bike Wash/Inspection     Road Team & Peloton     Para Support Challenges  
Cyclocross     Suspension Fundamentals      Mass Ride  
Materials of Construction - Carbon Fiber       Tubular Tire   Career Development    
Materials of Construction - Metal     Wheel Change    Wheel Fundamentals     
Bicycle Design Fundamentals       Positioning       Gravity Support  
Track   Neutral Mountain Bike Support       
Independent Program Development    Venue Support Challenges   

Topics that were brand new for 2012 were Para Support Challenges, Gravity Support, and Career Development. In addition to all of the great lectures and hand-on experiences, the students took a field trip to the 7-Eleven U.S. Olympic Training Center Velodrome where Velodrome Operations Specialist Tom Vinson gave them a tour.

“What I found to be most valuable from the clinic is the industry career class and all the race support classes,” Crowell continued. “I also feel that I was informed on what to expect out of me and my pocket book to work any of the many types of jobs out in the field. Being a racer, race spectator, and fan it is hard to understand how stable and what kind of income to expect working events instead of running a shop.”

“This year’s clinic stood out because the participants really raised the bar,” said organizer of the 2009-2012 clinics, James Stanfill. “The highlights of the clinic for me were the 60 fresh faces who were all excited to get into this side of the sport and make a difference. Seeing my fellow instructors who all graciously volunteer to be part of the program and share their knowledge with others will continue to grow this industry and push the envelope.”

The Bill Woodul Race Mechanics Clinic helps mechanics reach the next level of professional bicycle mechanic expertise. Licensed bike mechanics may support Olympic trials, national championships, USA Cycling training camps as well as international events.

Congratulations to the following mechanics for their hard work at this year’s Bill Woodul Race Mechanics Clinic:

Matthew Allan Thomas  Fedele Andrew Schmid
Aaron Apel John Fennell Ronald A.P. Schmid
Diane Blake Ben Fietz Kyle Schwarz
Christopher Blancett Jimmy Flaherty Ronald Semba
Sam Blomquist Charles Gray II Joel Smith
Joshua J. Brown Michael A. Guinta James Stapleton
Paul T. Brown II Drew Hager Stefan Thompson
Dave Burke Neal Herring Chauncey Tudhope-Locklear
Mark Bush Mike Hetrick Richard van Buskirk
Bobby Cata Timothy Johnson Austin Warner
Jayson Cisak Matthew D. Kelley Paul Watson
John Howard Clark Scott Kelly Michael  Webber
Tom Cooper Gregory H. Kina Michael Wehner
Ron Crandell Paul Lawmon James Werle
Michael Crowell James Long Travis Wideman
John D'Amico Lorinda Putter Steven Wilke
Larry Davis Martin Reniere Carter Williams
Scott Dedenbach Sean Rudzinsky David Chris Wrenn
Paul Doty Michael  Sapione Yangyang Xu
Nicholas Engelson Jason Savill Brent Westenburg

Special thanks to the following people who made this year’s Bill Woodul Race Mechanic Clinic possible:

James Stanfill – Clinic Organizer and Instructor, Specialized
Chip Howat – Clinic Organizer and Instructor
Calvin Jones – Instructor, Park Tool
Butch Balzano – Instructor, SRAM NRS
Matt Bracken – Instructor, Pedros
Ric Hjertberg – Instructor, Mad Fiber
Nick DeLauder – Instructor, FOX
Nick Murdick – Instructor, Shimano
Andy Stone – Instructor, Team Type 1
Than White – Instructor, Industry 9
Benjamin Sharp – Presenter, USA Cycling High Performance Director of Endurance Programs
Randy Shafer – Presenter, International Commissaire
Tom Vinson – Presenter, USOTC Velodrome Operations Specialist
Andrew Hawkes - USA Cycling Programs and Operations Manager
Bernard Condevaux – Presenter, Physical Therapist and Soigneur
Marlis Johnson – USA Cycling Office and Programs Manager

For more information, visit USA Cycling mechanics webpage.


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