Simplified process allows race directors to easily submit results


In conjunction with its new rider ranking system, USA Cycling, on Friday, unveiled a new, simplified results submission process. The improved process allows race directors to begin results submission with a minimum of only four data fields.
Providing timely and accurate results is an important part of putting on a bike race.
Providing timely and accurate results is an important part of putting on a bike race.
Based on feedback from a variety of race directors and other constituents, USA Cycling’s revamped results system aims to help race directors complete the process quickly while maintaining accuracy. The new system allows all previously accepted formats and automatically implements applicable data from the race permit. Improved functionality also makes looking up license numbers in the editor easier using a more intuitive, user-friendly approach.
The results uploader, accessed as always through the user’s My USA Cycling Account, will now accept results spreadsheets with only Race Category, Rider First Name, Rider Last Name and Rider Place at minimum. While the previous 16-column format is preferred, the new system allows race directors to begin with the minimum information. The system will then guide the user through an easy, step-by-step process for looking up license numbers and any additional missing information.
The process is quick and simple. Race directors should first be certain that their permissions are set to allow them to submit race results, and then save the results as either a .csv or .xls file. They must then enter their My USA Cycling Account, find the Submit Race Results button under their My USA Cycling Tools. Users who do not see this link should check the Step-by-Step Guide below to find out how to have these permissions added. This opens the Results Uploader and from there race directors can simply find and upload their file. If the results are complete a “successful” message will be displayed. If more information is needed or there are errors found in the file, a dialogue box will open and help guide the user through repair process, or race directors can Submit Anyway.
To learn more, please reference USA Cycling’s Step-by-Step Guide to Uploading Results. Also check out the Results & Rankings page to quickly find race results and rider rankings from all over the country.


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