Pro MTB Gravity Tour (Pro GRT) Requirements and Procedures


Neko Mullaly took over the top spot in the men's Pro GRT standings with his win at Snowshoe
Photo credit: Snowshoe Mountain/Brian Dobbins

Welcome to the Pro Mountain Bike Gravity Tour (Pro GRT) — a calendar created to recognize and support top-level regional, national and international events and riders. The following is a summary of requirements applicable to Pro GRT races. Click here for the upcoming season's bid application [PDF].

Events Allowed

  • 2017 UCI-inscripted mountain bike downhill events (automatic inclusion on the calendar)

Prize Lists

  • Event must offer a minimum $3,500 elite/pro cash purse which is calculated based on the cash being offered in the elite/pro category.
  • Pro cash purse must be clearly stated on the event website, race flyer, marketing materials, and press releases pertaining to the event.
  • Amateur categories are not factored into the elite/pro cash purse minimum requirement.
  • The purse may be split between the male and female elite/pro categories.
  • Equal pay for the top three places in the pro men’s and women’s races is required.

Pro GRT Rankings

  • Pro riders must have a current USA Cycling or UCI license in order to compete and be eligible for Pro GRT rankings. Riders who are not US citizens or residents may compete with a UCI license issued by their country’s federation.
  • Pro GRT rider rankings will be listed on the USA Cycling website and updated after each event’s results have been submitted for the Elite/Pro categories. Exact points distribution table will be communicated at the beginning of the season.
  • The overall winners of the Pro GRT will be announced shortly after the final event in the season.
  • While USA Cycling does not track Pro GRT standings for amateur categories, we do support the race director holding amateur categories and our results and rankings program does track these events to create rankings for all participants.

Course and Production Standards

  • Race directors or clubs must be a current USA Cycling-licensed race director/club and in good standing with USA Cycling (no delinquent accounts, suspensions, etc.).
  • Events shall follow the rules outlined in the most current USA Cycling rule book.
  • Events must be permitted at least six (6) weeks prior to the event date.
  • Events are highly encouraged to provide a technical (athlete) guidebook.
  • Specific protected practice times should be provided for pro and cat 1 riders only.
  • For pro racers, finish times should ideally be no less than two (2) minutes in duration and the track should ideally not exceed 4 kilometers in length.
  • Course must be prepared with all USA Cycling course markings required in the current USA Cycling rule book. Course must be taped with barrier tape along entire course, top to bottom and must be maintained throughout the contest. The final course should remain unchanged top to bottom once practice and seeding has begun, through the final runs of all competitors. Exceptions to this requirement may occur when safety is a factor.
  • When appropriate, an alternate route or “go around” line should be offered for extremely difficult course features to allow riders who choose the option of a safer alternative route around the feature. The option line should represent an appropriate time penalty for skipping the difficult feature.
  • A start list shall be determined for cat 1 juniors and pros via seeding runs.
  • All rider start lists MUST be posted at the base and top of the lift(s) and in a minimum of two (2) additional locations at the venue no less than one hour prior to start of the race.


  • The chief referee(s) for any UCI inscripted Pro GRT races will be assigned by the UCI. The fee that you pay to the UCI will cover this position.
  • USA Cycling will assign the rest of the officials for the event via the online officials assignment tool. As race director, you can have input and monitor this process through the same tool. For more info contact Justin Evans.
  • Officials are paid according to the Schedule of Fees for UCI/National Championship races.

Marketing and Pro GRT Logo Standards

  • The Pro GRT logo must be included on collateral materials used to promote the event. All USA Cycling guidelines and standards must be adhered to.
  • All event websites must include the USA Cycling Pro GRT logo. Pro GRT logos should link to
  • Banners with Pro GRT logo will be provided to each event for use at start/finish area. (2017 Pro GRT events should already have banners — new ones will be sent to any event that has not been on the Pro GRT in the past two years. It is our expectation to replace all banners every three years).

Timing and Results

  • All Pro GRT races must use electronic timing run by a professional operator.
  • Results should be made available to participants and media within 30 minutes of the last finisher in the race and the race director must have the results posted to USA Cycling’s website that evening in the proper format. All riders who have registered for the event should be scored a place (or a DNF/DNS).
  • Awards should follow the final Pro to cross the line, allowing for a minimum of a 15-minute protest period and shall begin within 45 minutes of the final rider.
  • Results must be submitted to USA Cycling in the USAC standard electronic format for each day of competition. USA Cycling license numbers must be included with the race results. Results from all Pro GRT races are due in their entirety no later than 8 a.m. Mountain Time the day following the race. For questions regarding result submission please contact the USA Cycling National Events Manager at

Media and PR

  • All event-related press releases must include Pro GRT boilerplate and be emailed to Peloton Sports Jackie Tyson (, where they will be posted to the USA Cycling website.
  • Race directors will need to send the name and contact info for the individual responsible for public/media relations or the event website.
  • Please submit any television/web broadcast info. If provided at least one month before event, the broadcast info can be included in USA Cycling member and stakeholder communication.
  • Editorial coverage will be placed on Pro GRT race directors will be asked to submit pre- and post-event press releases to USA Cycling for posting on the USAC website, social media and for possible inclusion in marketing materials.
  • Race directors will be asked to submit one to two photos that best represent the event along with proper photo credit and caption info no later than 8 a.m. MT the Monday morning following the event. Any info to highlight regarding the event should also be submitted. USA Cycling will take this information and create a press release to highlight your event to our media list.
  • Social Media: Submit social media info including Twitter handle and Facebook page link to USA Cycling and participate in social media. USA Cycling will be sure to connect and tag Pro GRT events.

For questions about inclusion on the Pro GRT, please contact Senior National Events Manager Tara McCarthy at For questions regarding photo submission or media relations, please contact Peloton Sports Jackie Tyson at