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General Questions

Yes! This online system uses the latest online security features to ensure that your account information will not be compromised. Logins are handled through a 128-bit encryption system on Secure Socket Layers (SSL) which is similar to the security used by major banks and credit card companies. Quick-expiring cookies tell the server who you are at all times, and expire promptly upon your logout.

Further security features protect you from lower-tech security risks. Forgotten passwords are automatically generated by the system once you correctly answer self-chosen security questions, eliminating the need for staff to give out emails via email or over the phone.

Credit cards are processed by Verisign, Inc., an industry leader in secure online transactions. Verisign does not store names nor whole card numbers, ensuring that any compromised data will be unusable. Credit card numbers are never stored with your USA Cycling account.

That depends on the license you're getting.

Most licenses are processed and printed overnight, then queued up for an every-other day mailing schedule. In most cases, licenses take between 10-14 days from the time you order to arrive at your house via USPS. Please note that if you need proof of your new membership, a printable "Authorization to ride" is available at the end of the license purchase process or on your My USA Cycling page under Account Information.

Junior and International Licenses:
Please be aware that there are additional waivers and proofs of citizenship that must be completed prior to your membership card being shipped. In some cases these may already be on file from a previous license, however it is your responsibility to check the system to ensure that your license is OK. You can see the status of your license by signing in to your account and clicking on the "License Info" tab on your My USA Cycling page.

Expedited Licenses:
If you choose express shipping, the process is greatly shortened. Licenses are printed in batches the night following your purchase, then pulled from the group the following morning. They are packaged and sent to your address via next-day postal service. The cost for this upgrade is $50, regardless of license. Express processing is not available with Junior licenses due to the requirement of a parent's waiver.

The option doesn't exist because you have to first qualify for that license:

Coaches must first purchase the Club Coach Materials and take an at-home test.

Mechanics are required to participate in the introductory mechanics clinic, held each spring and fall.

Officials must pass a Regional C Clinic.

Upon successful completion of each program's requirements, staff will work with you to complete the licensing process. In the future you will be able to renew your license online.

Waivers for juniors licenses or proof of citizenship for International licenses can be sent to the USA Cycling Membership Department in three ways:

  • Scan and email the documents to
  • Fax to the Membership Department at 719-434-4300
  • Mail to this address:
    USA Cycling License Desk
    210 USA Cycling Point, Suite 100
    Colorado Springs, CO 80919-2215


First try clicking "Logout" in the upper right corner, if the other member's name still appears, keep reading.

Our site uses cookies to keep members logged in so they don't have to put in a username and password each time they visit. Sometimes the cookie can have someone else's name attached to it even though your account is the one that is logged in. This can happen if your computer is shared between multiple USA Cycling members. To remedy this problem, clear your browser's cache along with any cookies stored within it. This will force your browser to update its cookie with your information and forget other members that had logged on using your computer.

For more information on clearing your browser cache, choose your browser below:
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome

For information on cookies in general, click here.
99% of the time, this is related to Spam blockers on your email system. If you are an AOL or HOTMAIL user, this means that you will almost certainly find the confirmation email in your "spam" or "bulk" email folder. If you use Outlook to check email through a corporate or other ISP, it may have been put into your "Junk" email folder, or scrubbed to a folder because of rules you set in Rules Wizard. Alternatively, if you're connecting through an ISP that blocks spam like many corporate servers, you may have to request that the email be released by your email administrator.

If, after searching your system as described above, the email is nowhere to be found, send an email to with a description of your problem, your membership number (if you have it) and your full name. Staff in Colorado Springs will assist you with the problem between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Mountain Time, Monday - Friday.
You try to log in, but the system tells you that you must be logged in to use the account. This is a common problem and is almost certainly related to minor security settings within your internet browser.

First, ask yourself if you're sure of your password and username. If not, go to, click "login" then click "Forgot your Password" under the login boxes. Answer the questions and you will be emailed your password to ensure that it's correct.

More likely, though, this problem is related to your internet browser's inability to handle "cookies" In a nutshell, our server gives your computer a file so that we know who you are while you walk through your a virtual license plate for the Internet. If your computer won't accept our Cookie, then our server won't let you in. You can take some simple steps to remedy this problem. If in doubt, complete these steps as they will have absolutely no detrimental effects on your computer whatsoever.

1) Open your internet browser
2) Click "Tools" > "Internet Options"
3) Click the "Privacy" tab in the upper part of the window.
4) Click "Edit"
5) Under "Address of Website" Enter
6) Click "Allow"
7) Click "OK" twice.

Now try logging in again. If these steps don't remedy the problem, contact

If you've ever had a license with USA Cycling and you're creating a new account, the online system should find your records from the past and not require you to enter completely new information. If you've started to create a new account and the system indicates that it can't find your previous membership, first stop, start over, and enter the information again, double checking to ensure that you entered the correct birthdate.

If you're correct and it's still not finding your account, then stop and contact to have your account information looked into. Accounts entered manually from written license applications may have been accidentally incorrectly keyed in or the person inputting the information may have guessed when information was written poorly. If you did happen to create a new license (and received a new license number in the process) your history, payments, and upgrades will all be lost and will have to be reinstated by a USA Cycling staff member.

This is an isolated problem, but seems to be related to extra characters in the credit card number. When Verisign processes card numbers sent through our system, it tends to dislike dashes, spaces, or other characters in between the credit card numbers. To solve the problem, attempt your purchase again, omitting all extra characters.
When you created your online account, one of the following issues occured: 1) You entered different information than USA Cycling has on file or 2) You ignored the record the membership system presented after entering initial information. As a result, you've created a new account that will have no record of your previous memberships, upgrades, or certifications. Contact to have a USA Cycling staff member merge your new and old accounts together immediately.

For questions about our recently introduced single racing license, click here. 

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