USA Cycling Rankings FAQ


A: Simply put, the new rankings system accounts for your opposition, not which races you contest. A rider’s rankings are determined by averaging their best rankings in a given discipline within the last rolling 12 month period. For Criterium, Road Race, Time Trial, Cross Country and Cyclocross we average your top 5 best event rankings in that particular discipline to come up with your overall discipline ranking. For all other disciplines, we average just your top 3 rankings in that particular discipline. In the new rankings system, the lower your ranking point average, the better you’re ranked.

A: The new system will take the five best ranked riders from the top 10 finishers, average their rankings and multiply that by 90 percent to create the quality of the race. Once the Race Quality is determined we need to establish the Points per Place to be distributed. Points per place are determined by taking the average rankings of all finishing riders to get the midpoint. We then take that number, subtract the Race Quality value, multiply it by 2 and then divide that number by the number of finishers, less one. Once we have both the Race Quality and the Points per Place, we can determine Rank Points for all riders. Rank Points are calculated based on the Race Quality value plus a rider’s place minus one multiplied by the points per place for the event. In summary:

  • Race Quality Value = (Average of 5 best ranked riders in race’s top 10) x 0.9

  • Points per Place = (((Avg. ranking of all finishers) – (Race Quality)) x 2) / (total number of finishers – 1)

  • Rank Points = Race Quality + ((rider’s placing – 1) x Points per Place)

Please note that there are certain instances that may override this general calculation. Specifically, the maximum value for any individual race result is not allowed to be more than 590, so any finisher will receive better points than the maximum value of 600. Also, if the average of all race finishers is better (less) than the average of the best five in the top 10, then the overall average is used in calculating the Race Quality.

However, the Race Quality for any race is not allowed to be better (less) than the ranking points of the best (lowest points) rider in the top 10 finishers. Finally, the Race Quality value of a race is not allowed to be worse (greater) than 540 (90 percent of the max point value of 600).

Also keep in mind that the system will only rank riders with current licenses. If you your license is expired, or pended for any reason, then you won't show up in the rankings list. 

A: When there’s no rider in a field that is currently ranked, the system will default to give out its highest possible points. The winner will receive 540 points and the last place finisher will receive 590 points, all other points will be distributed evenly between those values.
A: Any indiviual discipline that has a national championship will be ranked. That means the ranked disciplines are; Road Race (Circuit Race will be ranked as Road Race per USA Cycling Rules), Criterium, Time Trial, Cross-Country, Short Track Cross-Country, Super D, Downhill, Dual Slalom, Mountain (4) Cross, Cross-Country Marathon, Cyclo-cross, Points Race, Scratch Race, Individual Pursuit, Track Time Trial (1000m and 500m ranked together), Sprints, and Keirin.
A: Based on feedback from our members, USA Cycling understood the importance of providing a more extensive ranking system to more accurately track the efforts of the cycling community.
A: The new rankings system will allow USA Cycling members to be more accurately ranked within their given disciplines. USA Cycling will also use the rankings system to seed call-ups for various national championships, beginning with the 2012 Cyclo-cross National Championships.
A: There are three reasons why you could be missing part of your rankings. The first, and most probable, is that your license number wasn’t included with the results submission. To rectify this problem, please contact the Results, Rankings, and Registration Manager at with your name, license number, the event that needs updating, the race within that event that you participated in and your placing.

The second reason you may be missing rankings, is the race director hasn’t yet submitted results. We ask that you please allow race directors 21 days to submit results to USA Cycling. If it’s been more than 21 days, please contact the event’s race director and request the submission of results to

Last, but not least, is that there were 2 or fewer people in your race, and there isn't enough data to create a ranking for that particular event. 

A: No, because the new system looks at your opposition and not which races you contest. For each discipline you will only have one ranking value, as opposed to the old rankings system where you would be ranked for each separate category raced.

A: Yes, because the new system looks at who you race against and not which races you are racing, there’s no reason to reset rankings each time you upgrade.
A: To streamline the rankings program, USA Cycling is processing rider overall rankings every Monday morning. This weekly process will update riders to the correct categories, as well as drop results that are older than 12 months from a rider's ranking.
A: The best thing a race director can do to ensure their event gets ranked is to submit their results to USA Cycling. Please go to the Results Submission Guide to find out to submit your results to USA Cycling. 
A: A rider must have an active license to have an overall ranking. If a rider’s license is currently expired or has been suspended, they will not be given an overall rank. To remedy this problem, please contact our license desk at

A: The new rankings system will average your top five rankings from events within the last twelve months to calculate your total ranking. If a rider does not have all five events for the average, then maximum points (600 points) will be averaged in for every event missing. 

A: Rankings are calculated within a rolling 12-month period.
A: To improve ranking, a rider must beat riders who are currently ranked stronger.

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