What are Local Associations?


Beginning in 2003, in an effort to better serve our membership, USA Cycling began cultivating relationships with established Local Associations (LA). Currently, there are 34 Local Associations that serve specific areas of the United States. Each Local Association is a non-profit organization consisting of a board of directors elected by the local members.

USA Cycling reinvests a portion of the rider license sales to each Local Association. The Local Association appropriates the funds to support racing programs where they live and race. The program allows the Local Association to decide where to reinvest their financial allocation from USA Cycling. They establish priorities to best meet the needs of their members. USA Cycling recognizes that the Local Associations are in the best position to know what works for their area, and by reinvesting funds in those associations we hope to grow the sport at all levels.

Local Associations are made up of passionate members and volunteers who are the hands-on representatives that drive grassroots bicycle racing across the United States.

Local Association Responsibilities

USA Cycling's Local Associations are structured to serve the local population's best interests in regards to licensing, events, and officials.

The LA is one of your best resources for information regarding your local cycling community. Your LA can assist you in the upgrading/downgrading of your license, the approval of your permit, assigning officials for your event, finding a club to join, finding a race schedule, and networking with fellow riders.

Visit the Local Associations page or search our local contacts directory to find out the appropriate contact in your area.

Local Association Websites

Alabama Cycling Association Montana Bicycle Racing Association
Arizona Bicycle Racing Association Nebraska Cycling Association
Arkansas Bicycle Coalition New England Bicycle Racing Association
Carolinas Cycling Association New Jersey Bicycling Association
Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado New Mexico Bike Racing Association
Florida Bicycle Racing Association New York State Bicycle Racing Association
Georgia Bicycle Racing Association Northern California/Nevada Cycling Association
Southwest Idaho Cycling Association Southern California/Nevada Cycling Association
Illinois Cycling Association Ohio Cycling Association
Indiana Kentucky Cycling Association Bicycle Racing Association of Oklahoma
Iowa Bicycle Racing Association Pennsylvania Cycling Association
Kansas Cycling Association Tennessee Bicycle Racing Association
Louisiana Mississippi Bicycle Racing Association Texas Bicycle Racing Association
Michigan Bicycle Racing Association Utah Cycling Association
Mid Atlantic Bicycle Racing Association Virginia Cycling Association, Inc.
Minnesota Cycling Federation Washington State Bicycle Association
Missouri Bicycle Racing Association Wisconsin Cycling Association

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