Category Upgrade Information


Each license allows for promotion to higher categories according to certain guidelines. For racing license upgrades, please note that only events permitted by USA Cycling count toward the upgrading process. Upgrades can be based on either experience or points, depending on the level and license type.

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All rider upgrades are processed through your My USA Cycling account. The request will be sent to the person responsible for your area and/or category. You will need to follow the instructions online and provide the information about your race experience and placings.

The information you provide must include:

  • Name of event
  • Race/Event date
  • Type of event
  • Category
  • Number of participants
  • Placing (if applicable)

If the administrator approves the upgrade, your account will be changed so that when you request a new license, the category will be changed.

Note that road, track, and cyclo-cross Category 1 and mountain bike Pro upgrades require a license reissue. To reissue your license, sign in to your My USA Cycling account and click on Purchase/Renew License button located above your name and license number. You will then arrive at a page that displays offers you the opportunity to purchase a reissued license.

Only races/events permitted by USA Cycling or foreign races permitted by a UCI-affliated national federation will count for upgrading.

Officials, mechanics, and coaches have their own unique levels of license and upgrade requirements.

Racing Licenses Program Licenses
Road Upgrades Collegiate Upgrades
Mountain Bike Upgrades Coaching Upgrades
Cyclo-cross Upgrades Officials Upgrades
Track Upgrades Mechanics Upgrades

Please contact your Regional Coordinator or Local Association representative with any questions.