USA Cycling Mechanics Program FAQs


What is the purpose of USA Cycling's Mechanics Program?

  • The mechanics program is designed to build a resource and community of mechanics.
  • The mechanics qualified by this program provide the best support to our athletes in the pursuit of success in cycling nationally and on the global level.
  • The mechanics program qualifies a skill level to ensure a certain amount of knowledge, experience and ability is attained.
  • The mechanics program is designed to raise the level of professionalism within the sport.

How do I become a licensed mechanic?

The only way to become a licensed USA Cycling mechanic is to attend the Bill Woodul Race Mechanics Clinic. The clinic is usually held in Colorado Springs once a year.

What is the Bill Woodul Race Mechanic Clinic?

The Bill Woodul Race Mechanics Clinic is a training ground and licensing program. It is the only program of this kind in the world. Bill Woodul started the clinic more than 20 years ago to seek out and qualify mechanics to work with him at races and with teams. The clinic doesn't teach mechanical skills. It takes the skills you already know and shows you how to apply them to real life race situations. Graduates from the clinic have gone on to work for USA Cycling, Pro Tour teams and many bicycle industry companies.

Who are the instructors at the Bill Woodul Race Mechanic Clinic?

The Bill Woodul Race Mechanic Clinic instructors are the best in the world. We won't list their names here but you will be receiving hands-on personal instruction from some of the biggest and brightest folks in the bicycle industry. Some have their own companies, some have shaped the way we do things, some have written books, and some are experts that are THE source for information from wheels to tools to frame construction.

Who can attend the Bill Woodul Race Mechanic Clinic?

Anyone can attend. It is required that you have two years of mechanical knowledge having worked in shops or with clubs and teams already.

Why do I need a mechanics license?

You need a USA Cycling Mechanics license to work at Olympic Trials, National Championships, Olympics, World Championships and the with the National Team at races and camps.

Additionally, many of the corporate neutral support companies require their employees and volunteers to have a USA Cycling Mechanics license.

What are the benefits of having a Mechanics license?

  • Licensed mechanics are covered under the USA Cycling insurance policy during their participation at sanctioned events.
  • Having a licensed mechanic on staff at your shop can build a level of confidence for your clientele as well as give you an advantage over other shops.
  • Having a license and using it with your local team or at local races brings a higher level of staff to the sport.
  • You get to be part of a very small group of people that are the future of the bicycle industry.

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