Collegiate Cycling - For High School Students



Choosing a Team

If you’re a high school student wondering what school you should go to and whether or not they have a team, look no further. With 300 collegiate cycling teams out there, chances are good that a lot of the schools you’re looking at will have one, and if not, starting a collegiate cycling team is free and usually pretty easy! If you want to look up a particular school, or search any general area, just click here. From this page you can also find a list of teams that have reported to us that they offer scholarships for cycling. You can also find a list of all current Collegiate Cycling clubs here.

The next step is to get in touch with that club, who we are sure will be more than happy to fill you in with all the particulars. Remember, they were once prospective collegiate cyclists just like you, so don’t be afraid to reach out. The conferences' websites are also a great resource if you want to check out an entire region and see what each has to offer.

When picking a team, there a few things you’ll want to consider. Location is, of course, important. You need to be happy where you are, because you’ll be spending four years there. Ask one of the riders what it’s like living, riding, and racing there. Does it sound like something you’d enjoy? You also want to take into consideration how organized the club is. Some are fairly low key, while others are more structured. Neither is better or worse, but you want to make sure that you choose one that fits your needs and personality. Again, you can get a pretty good feel for all of this by checking out the team site and talking with a team member or officer.

You may be interested in a school where cycling is a varsity sport or where cycling scholarships are awarded. This does not mean that these schools are better or that their teams are better, only that the school more directly and extensively funds the cycling program, and that more resources will be available to you through the school istelf. If this is something that is important to you, check out the varsity teams page and USACDF scholarships page for more information and a list of schools that have these features.

If you're interested in a potential college team's historical performance on a national level, look at their national rankings over the past several years here.

If the School You Choose Doesn't Have a Team

At the end of the day, your academics should come first, and so if your ideal college doesn't have a team in place at this time, it's free and easy to start one once you get to school. On top of this, often schools will give you a small budget to facilitate racing if you can recruit some fellow cyclists at the school to compete.

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