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The Rules

Like any sport, collegiate cycling has rules. Who can race, what constitutes a race, appropriate conduct, and much more are all included in the rulebook. For all the details, visit the USA Cycling Rulebook.

Collegiate Rules Summaries

If everything you’ve seen so far seems like a lot, don’t feel overwhelmed. Here is a simple and straight-forward list of some of the highlights from the rulebook, a “Rules of the Road,” if you will.

Road Rules Summary
Mountain Bike Rules Summary

And if you're wondering how those tricky Team and Individual Omniums at Nationals work, look no further. Here is a complete run-down of how we tabulate the points and award the stars and stripes.

Collegiate Rules on Aero Equipment

As of the 2010 road season, collegiate cycling has a strict no aero equipment policy. This means that, if it's not mass-start legal, you can't use it. So while most helmets are kosher, that disc wheels, tri-spokes, and aero bars won't fly.

We know, however, that the line between mass-start legal and not can be a little ambiguous. Ever tried to read the UCI rulebook cover to cover? We hope not. So how does one figure out exactly what the new collegiate aero rule means for his or her equipment? Even the UCI "Practical Guide to Implementation" is a bit dense.

Fortunately, collegiate cyclist and official Raymond Junkins has compiled a handy guide to what's legal and what's not. Find it here.

And for the most up to date list of non-standard wheels that ARE approved for mass-start use, check here. Put simply, if the wheel doesn't have at least 16 spokes, a rim depth of less than 25mm, and the spokes are less than 2.4mm thick, it has to be on this list for it to be legal.


Your racing category is a reflection of your experience, so as you race more and get stronger and more confident, you may want to upgrade to a higher category. If you have a regular USA Cycling license, your collegiate category will reflect your regular USAC category, and collegiate races can count towards your USA Cycling upgrade as well. Check out the tables below for clarification, and always check the rulebook if you are unsure. Upgrade requests should be made online and will go through your Conference Director or the Collegiate Manager. [See rulebook section 6D]

For a list of categories and upgrade requirements, click here.

Changing the Rules

USA Cycling considers changes to the rules each fall. To be considered, a proposed rule change must be submitted to your Conference Director prior to September 1.To be considered, each proposed rule change must include:

(A) the affected section of the Rules;
(B) the language of the rule as then in effect;
(C) the proposed revision to the rule;
(D) an explanation of and justification for the proposed rule change.

What does this mean for you? It means that if there is something you would like to see changed, you should fill out a rule change worksheet and bring it to your Conference Director. We know that nothing is perfect, and we always want to hear your ideas.

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