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Whether registering yourself or an entire club, getting started with USA Cycling Collegiate is easy. As an individual, you simply need to purchase a collegiate racing license and indicate what school you’re racing for. If you are looking to register a club, either for the first time or renewing from last year, you just need to fill out two easy forms. In either case, the most important thing is to make sure that your contact information is always up to date so you can receive important membership information whenever it is sent out.

There are a few basic steps to joining USA Cycling and getting started with Collegiate Cycling.

1. Find out if your school has a team by checking out the list of schools currently registered with USA Cycling. (Please note that schools whose names are red are expired and may no longer be active.)

2. If so, get in touch with your club president. You should be able to get his or her contact information from the Campus Activities office or the Athletics Department at your school, or from the team website. If your school does not have a club, see the link below about Starting a Team. It's free and easy! Then come back to Step 3.

3. Purchase your license (the club must have a Club License as described in "Starting a Team" and each rider must also have a USA Cycling Collegiate License). To do this create a USA Cycling account and purchase a Collegiate License. Click here to find out what your fee goes towards. You can also purchase your collegiate license in conjunction with a regular USA Cycling license. In this case your collegiate license will be a $10 add-on. In either case, your license is good until December 31 of the same calendar year you bought it. E-mail USA Cycling with any questions.

If you’ve never raced before, you will be automatically assigned to the lowest category, so you will only be competing against others at your skill level. Once you have some race experience under your belt, you can submit for an upgrade from your My USA Cycling account page under "License Info". You can find information about the requirements for upgrading here.


Starting or Renewing a Club

Registering your club with USA Cycling Collegiate could not be easier. Every year all collegiate cycling clubs, both new and old, must register with USA Cycling to be officially recognized, insured, and permitted to host events.
New clubs may register for free for the first year. All you need to do is fill out the USA Cycling Club Application Form and Collegiate Club Eligibility Form and send them in to USA Cycling (contact information can be found on the form itself). Please submit your application at least 45 days prior to club participation in an event.

Make sure you have read the How to Start a club packet as well.
Whether you are a new club or just a new club president, don’t forget to join your conference list-serv. This is how you will get all important emails from your conference director and other teams. For a link to your conference’s email group, check out the conference page, which also has details about your conference and a link to the conference website.
It’s also important that you keep your club contact information up to date. Whenever you register your club at the start of the year, make sure that the contact information that you provide us is that of the current club president, and be sure to update it in the spring as club officers graduate and new ones are elected, as well. This way, you can stay informed about everything going on in collegiate cycling, and anyone interested in your club will know who to get in touch with. The team president from five years ago probably doesn’t want to be bothered anymore.

To update your club's contact information with USA Cycling, log into your USA Cycling account, and click on the "Tools" tab and the link that says "Manage USA Cycling Clubs" on your account page. (If that link does not appear, someone who is listed as a contact can log in to their account and add you.) Follow this link to your club's account page and scroll down to "Club Contacts." From here, you can add a contact or edit/delete the current club contacts. If you can't get in contact with anyone that is currently listed as a contact, you can also get in touch with USA Cycling membership and ask them to edit this information for you.


Renewing a Club

If renewing a club, you have two options.

A)You can renew by filling out the Club Application Form and mailing or faxing it in. You can then pay by check or money order.

B) You can also renew online and pay by credit card. If you are already one of the club administrators, you will see a "Tools" tab and then a link that says “Manage USA Cycling Clubs” under your personal USAC page. Clicking on this link will take you to your team’s account page, where you will see all your team’s information. If the club membership is expired, you will see a link that says so and that will allow you to renew and pay right then and there. You will, however, still need to fill out and send in the Collegiate Club Team Eligibility Form.

If you are a current team officer and do not see this link on your account either ask one of the previous team officers to add you as a club administrator or contact us and we can do it for you.


Individual Membership

For individuals, registering for collegiate racing is as simple as buying a license. The first step is to simply create a USA Cycling account. When creating your account you will be asked to purchase a license. If you only plan on racing collegiately, you can buy a collegiate license by itself. Just make an account, find your school, and sign up. You can also select to get your collegiate license as an add-on to your regular USA Cycling license for $10. If you plan to race outside the collegiate season, this second option is the one you will need to choose, as your collegiate license is valid for collegiate races only. In either case, your license is good until December 31st of the same calendar year you bought it.

When purchasing your license, if you find that your team is not listed but you know that your school does have one, then contact your club president to get this issue resolved. It is likely that the club membership is simply expired or that some paperwork is missing.

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