Meet Jacque Payne: SCCCC Director


How did you first get involved with cycling?
We lived in Germany and Okinawa for 13 years (military AF).  In Germany we would load panniers on our bikes, ride along the Rhine River over the weekend, then hop on a train and be back in Wiesbaden in a couple of hours.  We lived in the Taunustein Mtns so there were plenty of trails to ride our bikes.  In Okinawa, we would ride along the coast line camping out on the beaches.  When we were transferred to San Antonio, my kids got into mtn bike racing with the Texas Mtn Bike Racing Association (TMBRA) and Texas Road Bike Racing (TXBRA).  About that time, the USAC created the CODP and San Antonio was a pilot program for biking.  We had about 26 kids racing so I would go to the races and score the kids.  Back then all scoring was done by hand and by volunteers so there were lots of protests over results.  I was pretty good at scoring accurately so soon the promoters were asking me to score all the results.  I got my regional and then Nat com licenses in mtn and I’m a B on the road.

Jacque hard at work, as always.
Jacque hard at work, as always.
What about collegiate cycling?
I got into collegiate cycling because I’d watched these kids race from the time they were 13/14 years old.  Was just sort of a natural progression. 

How long have you been conference director?
Since 2007

Why did you decide to get involved?
Pretty much same answer as above.

Describe a typical race weekend; what do you do?
Our schools have moved to a full weekend omnium schedule.  This makes it worthwhile for schools traveling a great distance.  Matt and I help with registration and usually we are the officials as well.  We have a good set up with a computer and printer so we can print results on the spot with running totals for overalls.  This year we got a camera (thanks Jeffrey) which will help the finish line results be readily scored.

What about during the week? What kind of conference duties do you take care of

During the week, I review the results to ensure accuracy, carry them over to the season overalls and now to our year long overalls (XC, CX, Road, Track).  I then send them out to everyone on the SCCCC google list and to Matt for posting on line.  Our LA rep forwards all requests to me to review flyers, etc before permitting. 

What are some unique challenges or requirements of managing the SCCCC conference?
Probably our biggest challenge is the sheer size of Texas!  Our core schools are centralized but it’s a long haul for the schools in Lubbock, Abilene, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

What are your goals for the conference?
Grow the sport – both by new schools and more riders, especially women

Do you ride very often?
No, tried once in Germany, their mtn bike trails were scary.  I fell 5 times in first mile.
What kind of bike(s) do you have?
Cannondale mtb, recumbent exercise bike

What's your favorite part of the job?
The Kids

Least favorite?

Why do you keep doing it?
The Kids

What is special about collegiate cycling?
It comes back to the kids.  As I said earlier, I’ve watched most of them come up thru the ranks of racing, starting when they were preteens. 

Do you have any good stories (funny, heartwarming, dramatic) from being a conference director?
I’m a stickler for helmets on head if butt is on bike.  Last year Matt put together a survey that included an area where the kids could say something about the CDs.  I got a majority vote for “put your helmet on”!

What is your real-life paying job?
Office Mgr for TASC, Inc.  We do gov’t contract work

Tell me three things about yourself that don't involve cycling.
Grandmother of two, Connor is 3 and Aislinn is 3 months
Love animals, have 3 dogs (Astro, Dipper and Lela) and a cat (Sasha)
Collect Swarovski crystal animal figurines

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