Collegiate National Championship Start Spot Allocations

2017 USA Cycling Collegiate National Championship Start Spot Allocations
Conf Club RR    Club CRIT      Club XC/STXC    
A 24 14 21
E 27 15 32
IM 8 6 9
MW 22 13 18
NC 13 8 8
NW 16 10 12
RM 19 11 28
SC 14 9 14
SE 15 9 15
SW 14 9 15
W 28 16 28
How these allocations are determined:
7I2(a)  For each division, conferences are allocated start spots in mass start road and mountain bike national championship races with a field limit as follows:
(i) first the host Team (if any) qualifies the number of Riders a Team may enter in that Race, so long as this Team and its Riders otherwise meet the eligibility requirements contained in the Rules; then
(ii) each Conference qualifies the number of Riders a Team may enter in that Race; then
(iii) each Conference qualifies a single Rider; then
(iv) each Conference qualifies a total number of Riders equal to (A) the percentage of the total number of category A Riders in that division in that discipline that are recorded in USA Cycling’s membership files on November 30 of the previous year as being members of Teams that are members of that Conference, multiplied by (B) the field limit of such Race reduced by the number of Riders qualified pursuant to subsections (i)-(iii) of this Section.  
Example: D1 XC
(i) There are no host schools  
(ii-iii) Each conference gets a baseline of 6 spots plus one additional spot (for the crit, this is 4 + 1)
(iv) With a field limit of 200, there are now 117 spots left after those first few steps. We now divide up those 117 spots proportionally to the size of each conference. The Atlantic Conference, for example, had 44 of the 442 total D1 Cat-A XC licensees last year, which is 10%. Therefore, they get 10% of the remaining 117 spots, or 12 more, for a total of 19.
2015 Cat A Road Licensees
Conference  Division 1    Division 2   
Atlantic 71 30
Eastern 57 43
Inter-Mountain 5 0
Midwest 126 20
North Central 30 4
Northwest 26 40
Rocky Mountain   100 27
South Central 48 13
Southeast 75 54
Southwest 39 0
Western 116 10
Total 693 241
2015 Cat A MTB-XC Licensees
Conference  Division 1    Division 2   
North Central    
Rocky Mountain      
South Central    

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