Club Membership FAQs

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Club Management

To renew your club online, you need to make sure that you are listed as a club contact in the club’s account. If you’re not listed as a club contact, either an existing club contact or your region’s Member Services Coordinator can add you in. 

Once you’re a club contact you can access the club through your personal My USA Cycling account. On your account home page, there will be a "Tools" tab and after you have selected that, you will see a link that says “Manage USA Cycling Clubs”. Click on the link and you will be taken to the club page. In the middle of that page, in red, you should see the club expiration date. Beneath that you will see a link to renew. Just click on that and you’ll be on your way to renewing the club.

Please note that collegiate and high school clubs must also mail, fax, or scan/email the appropriate club eligibility form once they've renewed online.

High School Club Eligibility Form
Collegiate Club Eligibility Form
Members listed as Event Organizers on the club page have read-only privileges, which allows them to view all the information for the club, and duplicate previous events the club has held. Anyone listed as a Club Contact will have the editing privileges. This allows them to edit the contact information, add or delete Club Contacts and Event Organizers, add teams within the club, and renew the club’s membership. Club contacts and event organizers can access their club's page from the "Tools" tab and "Manage USA Cycling Clubs" link in their personal account.
Any current Club Contact can add you as either an Event Organizer or as another Club Contact. Your Member Services Coordinator can also add or remove contacts. Once you are listed, you can access your club's page from the "Tools" tab and "Manage USA Cycling Clubs" link in your personal account.
Yes. To do so, a club contact will need to contact your region’s Member Services Coordinator. They will need to provide the old club name, club ID number and the new name for the club. All requests for name changes need to be made in writing (email or regular mail).
If you are the president of the club or a club contact you can log into your My USA Cycling account and select the "Tools" tab. Once there, you will see a link called "Manage USA Cycling Clubs."  Under the club info section you should see in red "No Complimentary License Selected". To the right of this is a blue add link. This will take you to a page where you can add the club member. Once you've added the member the Level C manual and exam will appear under that members My USA Cycling account under the
"Tools" tab.
A Race Director Organization is for companies and other formal groups whose sole purpose is to put on bike races. Racing members cannot attach their racing licenses to RDOs – only to clubs. For more information on the race director certification program, visit this page.
If a club member is either asked to leave the club or leaves by their own volition, there is a process to have them removed from association with your club. The club president will need to contact your region’s Member Services Coordinator or Regional Coordinator to start the process.

Club Membership

All club memberships expire on December 31, but we allow individual members to attach to recently expired clubs until March 31 of the following year so that members can renew their racing licenses even if their club president hasn't renewed the club yet. If your club isn't on the list, remind your club president to renew the club and ensure that all paperwork from past events has been received in our offices. If you're the club president and don't know why the club wouldn't be on the list, contact your region's Membership Services Coordinator.

Please note that collegiate riders cannot attach to an expired collegiate club after December 31 because USA Cycling requires verification from the school that the team is official and in good standing before it can issue a collegiate license.
Yes. You can have a separate club for each discipline: Road, Track, Cyclo-cross, and Mountain Bike. When you’re buying your licenses online, you will be asked at the end to select a club for each discipline. Juniors are also able to select a High School club, in addition to the other disciplines.
If you don't need a physical license mailed to you, please contact or call 719-434-4200 to have your club affiliation updated in your account. If you would like your club affiliation updated and a physical license mailed out, you can "reissue" your license under the "license" tab of your account for $20.00. One of the steps will ask you to update your club and team.

General Questions

Any club in good standing can permit a USA Cycling event. An individual who holds a race director license or is part of a race director organization can also permit an event without being attached to a club. You can find more information on event permitting on our Race Directors page.
Yes! Each December USA Cycling awards clubs in multiple categories based on size and membership demographics with the recognition as Club of the Year. If your club has contributed to the community, grown a significant amount, or developed a specific segment of USA Cycling's membership, keep your eye on the Member News and Info page around October.
Yes. USA Cycling clubs receive reduced rental rates from the regular commercial rate for USA Cycling member lists. Labels may be ordered on pressure-sensitive (sticky) labels or standard four-up cheshire labels (for mailing houses), either in alphabetical or zip code order. Label orders may take up to two weeks for processing and pre-payment is required. The Membership List Agreement can be found here. You can send this directly to your Member Services Coordinator for processing.

Starting a Club

There are three primary benefits to becoming a USA Cycling club.

First, only registered USA Cycling clubs can be found in our club directory, which members and non-members alike will use to find a club in their area.

The second benefit is the ability to purchase supplemental liability insurance for your club. Club General Liability Insurance is a $1,000,000 general liability policy that covers your club for anything they do, from the club’s annual banquet to club rides and even trail building excursions. Club Directors and Officers Liability Insurance offers $1,000,000 of general liability protection for the individual club directors and officers for the club.

Finally, USA Cycling clubs have the ability to permit events through USA Cycling, which can be a source of both revenue and publicity for your club. Each club is provided a complimentary race director license to assign to any club member. This provides the selected club member with access to the Level C Race Director Certification.
While we strongly encourage clubs to host events, it is not a requirement to be a club. However, clubs in some areas are required by the Local Association to host an event in order to have voting rights within the LA.
A club is the umbrella organization under which any number of teams may be formed. For example, within your club you can have a Masters Team, a Junior Team, a Womens Team, a Cat 4 team, etc. Riders can select both a club and a team from within that club on their license.
To start a club, all you need is yourself. There are clubs that have just one member and others that have more than 600 members.
We make all first-time clubs apply in paper so that we can try to avoid any duplicate or very similar club names. Sometimes we have clubs that switch leadership, especially in collegiate cycling, where the new club president has no idea what previous presidents have done when registering the club. This prevents us from having multiple ‘ghost’ club entries in the database.


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