Club's Not on the List? Here's Why and How to Fix It!

Many collegiate riders are finding that when they renew their licenses for 2013, many collegiate clubs are missing from the drop-down list. Why is that?

There are three possible reasons:

1. Club license is about to expire or has already: Until your club renews its club license, you can't renew your individual license, either. Team presidents should either complete this form and send it in via fax or mail, or contact Emily Palmer to be added as a club contact, so you can fill out the first part online. You'll still need to send in this form, via fax or mail, however.

2. Waiting on Collegiate Eligibility Form: If the club's already renewed its license, it's possible that we haven't received this form yet. Check with your team president to make sure it's been filled out by a school official and sent in to us.

3. Delinquent Event: If you've hosted an event in the past, it is possible you haven't sent in all the post-event paperwork or payments, so call your USA Cycling Membership Services Coordinator. You can find out who that is by clicking on your state here and scrolling down.

Feel free to contact Emily Palmer, the Interscholastic Cycling and Club Development Coordinator for further assistance.

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