Renewing Coaching Licenses



Renewal Information

If your current coaching license expires 12/31/20 (or earlier), here are the steps you need to take.
  • Confirm you coaching license expiration date. To do this, log into your account, then go to “Coach Links” on the left side to see your license information. If your license expires on 12/31/20, follow the steps below.
  • Ensure your CEUs are current. If your CEUs are due 12/31/20, please submit your CEU report form. You keep track of these on your own, and submit them to us. You need 40 CEUs every 2 years or you need to pay a fee and re-exam. CEU Requirements as a Level 3, 2, and 1 Coach can be found HERE.
Coaching Level    40+ CEUs 20-39 CEUs 0-19 CEUs
Level 3    No CEU recertification fee/No Re-exam $20+re-examination $35+re-examination
Level 2   No CEU recertification fee/No Re-exam $79 $149+ re-examination
Level 1  No CEU recertification fee $129 $249
  • Ensure your Background Check and SafeSport are current. You can find these by logging into your account then clicking on Profile on the left side; look below your personal info and you will find Criminal Background Status and SafeSport Status
    • If your Background check is expired, please follow the steps HERE to have a new check performed
    • SafeSport instructions can be found HERE
In summary, in order to renew your coaching license you need to have:
  • CEUs current
  • Cleared background check
  • SafeSport training completed
Once these three steps are complete, you will be able to renew your license online by selecting “Renew Membership” at the top of the page or via the application.
  1. Complete the Coaching License Application
  2. Fax, mail, or email the completed application, along with payment information to:
USA Cycling Coaching License Application
210 USA Cycling Point, Suite 100
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
F: 719-434-4325
  1. If your CEUs were due 12/31/19 (or earlier), please submit your CEU Report Form with your application. If you have 40+ CEUs, your account will be updated promptly. If you have less than 40 CEUs, please refer to the chart for CEU recertification on our CEU policy page. Once you have taken care of your CEU recertification, please email your CEU Report Form and notice that you have fulfilled the CEU requirements and your account will be updated promptly. 
  2. If your Background Check has expired, you will need to bring this current to renew your coaching license. You can do this by following the Criminal Background Check Procedure.
To summarize, if you are submitting your coaching license renewal via fax, email or regular mail, complete your coaching license application and submit to USA Cycling Coaching Education. Please keep in mind, no license application can be processed unless both your CEUs and Background Check are current.

Everyone pays either the annual coaching license fee of $105 or the 2-yr fee of $180, only those with less than the required 40 CEUs are required to pay a re-certification fee (if applicable).  Re-certification is done every other year. Please do not send the CEU report form until it is due.

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