Coaching Clinics FAQ

Coaching clinics are designed for certifying and educating coaches at the different certification levels, for specialty certifications or just for more knowledge. Coaching clinics are held throughout the United States with the exception of the Level 1 certification clinic which is always held in Colorado Springs, CO.

Coaching seminars are for the purpose of continuing education and often are open to racers and the general public. The seminars are often focused on a specific topic or related topics to give the attendees more in depth knowledge than might be available in the coaching certification clinics.

The Coaching Summit is a conference for coaches, riders and interested people that is held on a biennial basis in Colorado Springs. The Summit is a gathering of experts in the field of cycling for a multi-day conference with a variety of subjects and presenters. The Summit is held in even years (the next one is scheduled for 2016).

The close of registration will vary from event to event. Events held at one of the Olympic Training Centers have hard deadlines since paperwork must be submitted to the USOC well before the meeting is held. In all cases, registration will be limited based on meeting room size or, in rare cases, because of the nature of the clinic/seminar.

Level 3 FAQ

I ordered Introduction to Coaching Cyclists. Is there an additional charge for the test?
No. The test fee is included as part of the fee for the manual.

The coaching license is set to expire on December 31. It is late in the year, does it make sense for me to take out the license now only to have it valid for a short time?
You will have to answer this for yourself. It will depend on your needs. If you have a lot of clients and need the coaching license to purchase liability insurance or to sanction a training camp, then it might make sense. It might also make sense if you are seeking to attend a level 2 clinic late in the current year as you must be a level 3 coach to attend the level 2 clinic. If you are not sure you will be coaching much for the remainder of the year, then it might make sense to wait to send in the application so that it is valid for the entire following year. Please note that you can take the online level 3 exam at any time. It does not expire. So you can take the exam this year, and it will be valid for the following year.


There is not a level 2 clinic I can attend. May I just pay the fee and take the exam?
No, to become a Level 2 coach, you are required to attend a Level 2 Clinic.

Do I take the Level 2 exam at the clinic?
No.The exam itself is a self-paced exam online exam (like the level 3 online exam) that is made available after the clinic.

When is the deadline for completing the level 2 test?
There is no deadline. However, you are encouraged to complete it as soon as possible.

I am a Level 3 coach attending the Level 2 course later. Can I get started on the certification exam?
No. The exam will be made available once you complete the Level 2 clinic.

Are housing and meals included in the level 2 registration cost?
No. However, if a clinic is held at one of the US Olympic Training Centers, lodging and/or meal may be available for an additional fee. The fee will be listed with the clinic registration.

For all other clinics, housing and meals are on your own. More often than not, USA Cycling does not have enough people needing hotel rooms to work out a deal with a hotel for a discount. Please check the USA Cycling sponsor for local rates.

Is there a fee to upgrade a coaching license?


What are the requirements to attend the level 1 clinic?
In order to achieve USA Cycling’s highest level of coaching certification, a coach must be a Level 2 coach, in good standing, for 5 consecutive years and attend a Level 1 Clinic, or be a Level 2 coach for 3 consecutive years, accumulate 200 CEU’s following completion of the Level 2 Clinic and attend a Level 1 Clinic.

USA Cycling considers you to be a coach for an entire year if you are certified for only part of that year. For instance, if you become a certified level 2 coach on December 15, 2004, you are considered to be a level 2 coach for all of 2014 when it comes to eligibility for the level 1 course.

The above criteria are based on the date on which you become a level 2 coach, not the date that you attended the level 2 clinic.

Power Based Training Clinics

I signed up for a power based training clinic before I became a coach. Can I get the difference in the cost refunded?
No. Your status at the time you register will determine the cost.

Do I need to be using a powermeter or have clients to attend the clinic?
No. However, the information presented at the clinic probably makes more sense if you are familiar with powermeters and the data the powermeter can provide.

If I attend the power based training clinic, do I still have the take the certification exam to become power certified?
Yes, the only way to become a USA Cycing Power Certified coach is to take and pass the Power Certifcation Test.

Coaching Clinic Cancellation Policies

What is the refund policy for USA Cycling clinics?


The refund policy for USA Cycling clinics is:
  • 14 days or fewer, no refund
  • 15-30 days, 25% refund
  • 31-60 days, 50% refund
  • 61 or more days, 75% refund
A person may cancel by emailing a request for cancellation to the Coaching Education Director. A person may cancel by mail but the refund will be based on the date of its receipt at USA Cycling.

I have a scheduling conflict, but I can attend another scheduled clinc. What is the policy?
If you re-schedule more than 30 calendar days out from the original clinic you registered for, you can change locations without a penalty. Within that 30 calendar day time frame, there is a $100 change fee. The fee is used to offset costs associated with the first location that might be incurred and are not refundable.

What is the refund policy for webinars?
There is no refund or "carry over" for a webinar unless USA Cycling cancels the webinar.

Can I learn about upcoming clinics and seminars?
Yes. Some clinics and seminars are open to those who are not coaches. Information is posted on the USA Cycling website.

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