Track Category Upgrade Guidelines

Rider upgrades are handled electronically. You can request an upgrade online through your My USA Cycling account. The request will be sent to the person responsible for your area and/or category. You will need to follow the instructions online and provide the information about your race experience and placings. The information you provide must include the race date, name, type of event, category, number of participants, and placing. If the administrator approves the upgrade, your account will be changed so that when you request a new license, the category will be changed. For track category changes, Local Association representatives will also provide stickers for your license if you are not requesting a new one.

All track upgrades and downgrades are made through the Local Associations and Regional Coordinators. All track upgrades are processed using the following criteria:

  • Category 5 to 4: Complete a velodrome class or four race days
  • Category 4 to 3: Five race days and 20 points
  • Category 3 to 2: Five race days and 25 points
  • Category 2 to 1: Five race days and 30 points


National championships, Category A, B, or C track race will be 7, 5,3,2,1 for each event.

For all other events, upgrade points are 5,3,2,1 and are based on an omnium of the event’s races.

Attendance at a USA Cycling Development Camp will count as one qualifying race for Category 5 to 4 upgrade. It will also count as four upgrade points for a Category 4 to 3 upgrade and three upgrade points for a Category 3 to 2 upgrade.

USA Cycling sanctioned and approved rider education clinics (at least half day), will count as three qualifying races for category 5 to 4 upgrades, up to a maximum of 5 qualifying races. It will also count as 4 upgrade points for a category 4 to 3 upgrade and 3 upgrade points for a category 3 to 2 upgrade.


Additional Considerations

  1. 10-person field minimum for Category 3-5 and 20-person field minimum for upgrade to Category 1.
  2. 50 percent of upgrading points and number of times raced will be carried over to the next year. Points do not carry over to the next category.
  3. When upgrading to a Category 1, points earned need to be from more than one velodrome.
  4. A race day is defined as one full day of racing. A race day can include a number of events such as a kilometer, sprints or time trial, but it only counts as one race day.
  5. Omniums will be counted for upgrading if atleast half the events on the omnium were massed-start. 
  6. Women and Juniors earn one point for every five race days when upgrading from Category 4 through Category 2.
  7. Races exempt from upgrading are Youth races and races of more than two categories (i.e.: “A” and “B” races).

 With the approval of USA Cycling, riders who are Pro or category 1 on the road may be upgraded to category 2 on the track, and riders who are category 2 on the road may be upgraded to category 3 on the track, without first having to begin at category 5 for men and category 4 for women.


Track Downgrades

A rider who wishes to downgrade may request a downgrade online. Such requests will be evaluated individually.
In no case will a rider be allowed to downgrade to category 5.
A rider will not be downgraded in the same year that he was upgraded.

A rider may be downgraded by an administrator for the following reasons:
  • Unsafe riding
  • Lack of ability to compete in current category
  • Lack of placing within current category

For assistance, please contact Membership Services at or call 719-434-4200.