Mountain Bike Category Upgrades


Mountain bike categories begin with Category 3 (beginners) and move to Category 2, Category 1 and finally Pro.

Riders may advance as quickly as they wish up to Category 1.

The upgrading of categories will be noted on the racing license by USA Cycling. The USA Cycling official at the event may record the upgrade of a rider to Category 1. The official will then contact the USA Cycling Regional Coordinator to record the change. A rider may also contact USA Cycling by email at or in writing, or their My USA Cycling page to change categories.

3-2: Five top-five finishes is a mandatory upgrade.
2-1: Five top-five finishes is a mandatory upgrade. Riders may choose to upgrade with two top-five finishes
1-Pro: Riders are eligible to be upgraded to Pro after two top-three or three top-five finishes in Elite/Open category 1 races at USA Cycling National MTB Calendar Events.


Upgrades will be based on a rider's placings in a rider’s category. AMBC and international events may also be considered. Overall finish times are factored into upgrade requests. Riders must submit their upgrade requests through their USA Cycling online membership account.

 For mandatory upgrading purposes, classes must consist of the following competitors:

Class Men Women
Juniors 15-18 10 5
Senior 15 10
Masters age 30-39 15 10
Masters age 40-49 10 5
Masters age 50+ 5 5

USA Cycling Reserves the right to upgrade Category 1 to Pro at any time.


USA Cycling reserves the right to downgrade riders from the Pro category at any time.

Riders who finish in the top-five in the Category 2 and 3 categories at the US National MTB Championships must move up to the next higher category immediately. Category 1 riders who place in the top-three in the 19-24, 25-29, and 30-34 age groups will automatically be eligible to upgrade to Pro for the remainder of the current season and following season. Riders must verify that they wish to upgrade to Pro by submitting an upgrade request through their USA Cycling online membership account.

Mountain Bike Downgrade

A rider who feels he has advanced too quicky or is otherwise no longer competitive in his category may ask for reclassification by submitting a written request to USA Cycling identifying his results and reasoning.

For assistance, please contact Membership Services at or call 719-434-4200.