Coaching License Applications


You can now acquire your coaching license for either a one (1) or two (2) year period, however if you have both a road and BMX license, both licenses must be for the same term. Therefore, if you apply for a one year road license, your BMX license must also be a one year license. You cannot have a one year road licenses and a two year BMX license, or vice versa.

With all licenses (regardless of term), any background check which expires during the term of the coaching license, the coach will have 30 days to renew the background check. Any coach who does not bring his/her background check current during the 30 day period will have their coaching license suspended until the background check is brought current.

Regardless of the term you choose, you must submit a Coaching License Application at the end of the term to renew your license, in addition to submitting your CEU Summary Report Form and having a current background check.  A Coaching License Application will not be processed without the signed Media Consent and Acknowledgement of Risk waivers. Failure to submit these documents will result in a coaching license not being issued.  There are no exceptions.  Even if you signed these waivers for your racing license, USA Cycling needs the signed form for the coaching license as well.

All Coaching License applications, forms and waivers can be faxed or scanned to 719.434.3262 or  When emailing the documents, please enter “2017 Coaching License App" in the subject line.

If you are seeking your coaching license for the first time and have not ordered the level 3 coach materials, you need to do this before completing the coaching license application. For more information, please see Steps to Becoming a Coach.

Liability insurance is only available to USA Cycling licensed coaches; if you are not current with your license, you are not eligible for the liability insurance program. Please note: send the liability insurance application directly to the insurance company, do NOT send to USA Cycling.

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Mailing Address

Attention: Coaching Education
210 USA Cycling Point
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Main USA Cycling number is 719.434.4200.
Direct phone number for Coaching Education is 719.434.4224.
Fax for Coaching Education is 719.434.4325

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