National Track Calendar Rules and Guidelines


USA Cycling Regulations

Race organizers may not impose any race, bike, or equipment standards that conflict with the 2014 USA Cycling Rule Book without receiving advance permission in writing from USA Cycling. All National Track Calendar (NTC) events must be run under a USA Cycling permit. Please contact your USA Cycling Regional Coordinator or Internal Membership Coordinator if you have any questions.

Rider Participation Qualifications

Any rider who participates in the individual track events can earn points in the NTC standings. Points cannot be computed, back-credited, or provided for any time period where a qualification deficiency exists.

Time Keeping and Scoring

Race organizers must use some form of electronic timing or scoring so as to ensure accurate and timely results. While manual scoring is encouraged as a backup by race officials, an electronic spreadsheet or database-type system must be utilized.


Race organizers shall document any issues with scoring and/or disputes, and shall forward to USA Cycling an electronic copy of both the final results and placings AND a list of all registered riders. The final results must be sent within 48 hours of the end of the event. Results lists must be submitted in the 16-column format approved by USA Cycling (Click here for a detailed CSV-file example).

Point System

Points will be awarded to riders as follows:


National Track Calendar
Point System
1st 15 8 5 4
2nd 12 6 4 3
3rd 10 5 4 3
4th 8 4 3 3
5th 6 3 3 2
6th 5 3 2 2
7th 4 2 2 2
8th 3 2 2 1
9th 2 1 1 1
10th 1 1 1 1

To receive points, a rider must both 1) register and start a race, and 2) finish and be given a scored time.

Any rider who “does not start” (DNS) or “does not finish” (DNF) shall be awarded ZERO points irrespective if the race organizer includes the rider or bib number on the scoring sheets. A rider MUST finish with a scored time to be awarded points. Final scoring sheets should be properly notated accordingly with DNS or DNF. In the event of a tie score/time as determined by USAC officials, the points awarded for the tied placings shall be aggregated and shared evenly among the tied riders.

The tie-breaker in the calendar standings will be based on the larger number of higher results (# of 1st place finishes, # of 2nd place finishes, etc).

Event Designation

Events will fall into two categories:

  • Sprint (4 events)
    • Match Sprint, Keirin, Team Sprint, Time Trial (1km men, 500m women)
  • Endurance (5 events)
    • Final International Omnium Standings, Points Race, Scratch Race, Individual Pursuit, Team Pursuit, Madison


Standings will be kept by USA Cycling in four categories:

  • Endurance Men
  • Endurance Women
  • Sprint Men
  • Sprint Women


Following the completion of the calendar, USA Cycling will name a champion in each of the four categories to the person with the most accumulated points. An award will be presented to each of the four champions. Date and location of awards presentation is still to be determined.

USA Cycling Contacts

Tom Mahoney — Technical Programs Manager
Kevin Loughery — Communications Manager