National Calendar Officials Pay


For national calendar races officials are paid by either USA Cycling or the race director. For National Criterium Calendar (NCC) and National Racing Calendar (NRC) events USA Cycling assigns the chief referee. In the case of NRC races, we also assign the chief judge, but for the NCC races the chief judge is a regional technical commission assignment.
Who pays?
USA Cycling Pay Scale Race Director Pay Scale
NRC chief referee NRC/NCC rates NRC chief judge NRC/NCC rates
NCC chief referee NRC/NCC rates NCC chief judge A rates
    All others A rates
Who books travel?
Whoever is paying.
When USAC is paying, what do they pay for? 

  • Base fees
  • Per diem
  • Airline from home airport to host city airport if flying
  • Mileage to and from event if driving
  • Baggage fees, parking, tolls, etc. 
What about overtime?
USA Cycling will pay the overtime fees of the chief referee if those overtime hours were due solely to the NRC race. If the chief referee is also working  the amateur races, USA Cycling will not pay those overtime fees, rather the race director will.
What about travel from the host city airport to the venue?
The race director should pick the official up at the airport. If the event makes the official rent a car or take a shuttle, they will be responsible for those fees.

How many days of per diem do officials get?
If the race is a three day stage race starting on Friday, and the official travelled to the event on Thursday and left Monday morning, they are entitled to 4 per diem days.
When does a chief referee not get chief referee wages but assistant chief referee wages? 

  • A single NCC day, like Cigar City Brewery crit – chief referee wages as that is all there is
  • A dual NRC race, like Redlands or Joe Martin, where there is a men and women’s event – the men’s chief referee is paid chief referee wages. The women’s chief referee is paid assistant chief referee wages. The men’s chief referee is responsible for paperwork to USA Cyling for the whole event
  • A men’s UCI race in conjunction with a women’s NRC race, like Gila or Elk Grove – The women’s chief referee is getting chief referee wages and responsible for paperwork for the whole thing. The men’s chief referee is being paid by UCI. 
Who gets a per diem?
Basically the per diem is to pay for food when an official has to live out of hotels. This is a bit of a grey area. If the race is set up so that it is reasonable that the official had to eat out, then they deserve the per diem.

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