Joey Bradford


Date of Birth: Oct. 19, 1989
Height: 5'7"/1.70m
Weight: 175 lbs./79kg./12.7st.
Place of Birth: Monterey, California
Hometown: Monterey, California
Residence: Chula Vista, California
Teams: Prophecy BMX, Fly Racing, THE Sinz, Oakley, Hasbro
Education: Monterey High School

Career Highlights

  • 7th place — 2012 UCI Supercross World Cup #1, Chula Vista, California
  • 12th place — 2012 UCI BMX World Championships, Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • 3rd place — 2010 UCI BMX Supercross World Championships Time Trial Superfinal, Pietermartzburg, South Africa
  • 14-time amateur world champion

Points of Interest

  • Joey derives much of his competitive spirit from his family, including his uncle NASCAR Hall of Famer Ernie Irvan.
  • Joey is involved in numerous charitable activities, including the Joey Bradford Disability Fund for injured BMX athletes. He and his father, Jerry, also run and support an amateur BMX team, the team. 
  • Following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, Joey joined fellow BMX rider Masahiro Sampei in Japan, one of his favorite countries. The pair offered free BMX clinics to local children and helped raise money for the Japanese Red Cross.


Joey played every sport he could as a child, but the goal was to ultimately follow in the footsteps of his uncle, NASCAR Hall of Famer Ernie Irvan. In a family of race car drivers, Bradford expected to race BMX to learn the strategy and tatics of racing and then switch to cars as a teen. Despite trying to put down the bike at age 12, he couldn't stay away from the BMX track.

Bradford turned 'pro' at age 17 under the guidance of BMX legends Randy Stumpfhauser and Eric Rupe. His love for the sport only grew when he was introduced to the high-flying supercross version of BMX.

He now trains with compatriots Alise Post and Connor Fields and spends his free time just trying to be a normal young man: hanging out with friends, watching movies and watching sports. The California native is a staunch Raiders fan and an avid follower of big moto gp, formula one and, of course, NASCAR.



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