How to Create a USA Cycling Club


Registering your club with USA Cycling is easy! All you need to do is fill out the Club/Team Application and send it to USA Cycling with your payment. Once your payment is received and processed you will receive an email confirmation from us informing you of your new club status — that’s it!

Typical turn-around time from when we receive your application to when racers can buy their licenses and attach them to the club is under two business days.

If you have any questions you can email our membership department at You may also contact the event services manager for your area.

Additional Resources

Check out the Club Resource Page for more information!

Starting a Club FAQ

There are three primary benefits to becoming a USA Cycling club.

First, only registered USA Cycling clubs can be found in our club directory, which members and non-members alike will use to find a club in their area.

The second benefit is the ability to purchase supplemental liability insurance for your club. Club General Liability Insurance is a $1,000,000 general liability policy that covers your club for anything they do, from the club’s annual banquet to club rides and even trail building excursions. Club Directors and Officers Liability Insurance offers $1,000,000 of general liability protection for the individual club directors and officers for the club.

Finally, USA Cycling clubs have the ability to permit events through USA Cycling, which can be a source of both revenue and publicity for your club. Each club is provided a complimentary race director license to assign to any club member. This provides the selected club member with access to the Level C Race Director Certification.
While we strongly encourage clubs to host events, it is not a requirement to be a club. However, clubs in some areas are required by the Local Association to host an event in order to have voting rights within the LA.
A club is the umbrella organization under which any number of teams may be formed. For example, within your club you can have a Masters Team, a Junior Team, a Womens Team, a Cat 4 team, etc. Riders can select both a club and a team from within that club on their license.
To start a club, all you need is yourself. There are clubs that have just one member and others that have more than 600 members.
We make all first-time clubs apply in paper so that we can try to avoid any duplicate or very similar club names. Sometimes we have clubs that switch leadership, especially in collegiate cycling, where the new club president has no idea what previous presidents have done when registering the club. This prevents us from having multiple ‘ghost’ club entries in the database.

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