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Helmet Policy

At all times when participating in or preparing for an event held under a USA Cycling permit, including club rides, motorcycle drivers and all motorcycle passengers shall wear a securely fastened helmet that meets the US DOT motorcycle helmet standard. Read the full policy.

Medicine of Cycling

Medicine of Cycling is an independent group of physicians working to improve processes that can have a meaningful impact on the way care is delivered to cycling athletes. In addition to holding an annual conference, they have created a research library with the goal of making it easier for healthcare professionals and the cycling public to have a greater and more simplified access to medical literature on a wide range of topics. Visit the Medicine of Cycling website for more information.


Standards of Care — The Medicine of Cycling Concussion Task Force recommends that any rider with a witnessed loss of consciousness during training or competition should be immediately removed from competition for medical evaluation. This recommendation does not imply that a rider who sustains a head injury without witnessed loss of consciousness is fit to ride. This Concussion Task Force is actively working towards the establishment of a standard approach to injured cyclists without a loss of consciousness and has established guidelines for team managers and coaches.


Bernard Condevaux, PT gave a presentation on concussions at the USA Cycling Coaching Summit in October 2010. He was kind enough to repeat the presentation as a webinar. A recording of the webinar is available on this page.

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