Elite BMX riders have until Oct. 8 to request permanent career numbers


Elite male and female BMX racers wishing to receive a permanent career number from the UCI for the upcoming 2015 season must submit their requests to USA Cycling by October 8.

The UCI introduced the permanent number system in 2006 as a way for elite riders to obtain exclusive rights to a racing number for their entire elite career. The system allows riders to market themselves by giving media and spectators an easy way to identify them on the track. Any licensed rider in the elite men's and women's categories can choose a permanent career number between 10-999. A chosen number will be exclusive for the rider, and cannot be used by any other elite category (including the Junior category). The number must be used at all international BMX events.

A chosen number will remain as long as the rider receives UCI points during the season and will be automatically allocated for the next season. A rider who has not scored a UCI point throughout the calendar season up to December 31 shall relinquish their permanent career number and must reapply for a number for the next season. More info from the UCI on career numbers.

View existing rider career numbers for the 2014 season.

To make your request, simply send an email to USA Cycling high performance director of sprint Jamie Staff at jstaff@usacycling.org. In the email, please indicate your top three available number choices. Confirmation of request will be sent back to original email.

In your email to USA Cycling, please confirm your:

  • Name
  • Age
  • USA Cycling License #
  • Pick 1
  • Pick 2
  • Pick 3

USA Cycling license holder number requests will be sent to the UCI on October 8, 2014, which is one week before the UCI deadline in order to allow time for correspondence.