Discipline Specific Certifications


Our Mission - Enhance coaches abilities through excellence in education, opportunities, tools, and technology

It is with this mission in mind that we created our Discipline-Specific Certifications program. These certifications ensure coaches receive advanced training and coaching skills in cyclo-cross, track and mountain bike.

In order to attend a Discipline-Specific Certification, you must be a licensed level 3 coach or higher in good standing with USA Cycling.

Discipline-Specific Certification Purpose

The purpose of the Discipline Specific Certifications is to teach coaches how to more effectively teach and coach their athletes in a specific cycling discipline. Coaches who attend these 1.5-day certifications can expect to gain valuable knowledge of specific drills and methodologies pertinent to helping their athletes achieve a higher level of success in their specific discipline. These certifications are meant to be enhancements to a coach's current USA Cycling coaching license; they do not replace licensing and are additions to your coaching credentials and specialties.

Cyclo-cross Specific Certification

Success in 'cross requires more than good fitness. Athletes need to master a wide range of techniques, hone their race craft, and learn about proper preparation. During the Cyclo-cross Specific Certification, participants will gain the technical knowledge needed to coach cyclo-cross athletes. Topics include on-the-bike cyclo-cross skills and drills, bike handling in a variety of conditions, how to lead a cyclo-cross workout, preparing a cyclo-cross specific training plan, equipment selection and set up, dealing with weather, and tips to help your athletes avoid common mistakes. Whether you are coaching beginner or advanced cyclo-cross riders, this clinic will help you and your athletes achieve success.

Mountain Bike Specific Certification

The purpose of the Mountain Bike Specific Certification is to teach the fundamentals of coaching mountain bike racers. The course focuses on cross-country and endurance technical skills and racing preparation. Topics include body position and bike handling, skills and drills, how to lead a mountain bike training session, how to prepare for specific events, equipment issues, and tips to help your athletes avoid common mistakes. Most athletes understand the importance of training, but they have less understanding of bike handling and race preparation, and how to practice it. As a coach, you'll learn the teaching techniques needed to keep your athletes ahead of the competition.

Track Specific Certification

The purpose of the Track Specific Certification is to teach coaches how to run a safe, fun, and effective track workout, thus leading their athletes to a higher level of success on the track. Safety is the number one priority and is obtained through awareness, communication and predictability. This clinic will cover racing tactics, skill development, common terminology, general riding etiquette, as well as rider and coach responsibility.


Registration is open and available by signing in to your USA Cycling account. Click on “account” (below the welcome header) and then click on VIEW AVAILABLE CLINICS/WEBINARS. You must have a current 2014 Coaching license to attend the certifications.

2015 Discipline Specific Certification Dates

August 8-9, 2015
Boulder, CO

The on-bike portion of the clinic will take place at the Valmont Bike Park.

Mountain Bike
May 9-10
Boulder, CO

The on-bike portion of the clinic will take place at the Valmont Bike Park.

TBD, Colorado Springs, CO
USA Cycling National Conference Center, 210 USA Cycling Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80919
Lodging and special rates are available at the Hyatt House, 5805 Delmonico Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80919.

Discipline Specific Certification Format

Each certification is 1.5 days over a given weekend, is worth 15 CEUs, and will incorporate both classroom and on-bike sessions. Each coach must bring a bike (relevant to the discipline) in good working condition. Coaches must also bring appropriate riding attire as well as wear a helmet during all on-bike sessions.


The cost for each discipline specific certification is $399 and will include on-bike sessions, lectures and handouts. Cost of lodging and meals is not included. Please visit your USA Cycling account for payment options.

Should you need to change clinics after registering, a $100 change fee will apply if the change takes place within 30 days of the clinic start date.

Our Very Talented Staff

Cyclo-cross and Mountain Bike – Pete Webber www.petewebber.com
Pete Webber is a veteran cycling expert with more than 25 years of experience in all types of riding. A former pro racer at the world cup level, he's now a full-time cycling coach and skills instructor. Pete honed his teaching techniques over a 12-year period at the International Mountain Bike Association. He is a former masters cyclo-cross world champion, multi-time national champion, and is a member of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. Pete was the lead designer of Boulder's Valmont Bike Park, and is head cyclo-cross coach for Boulder Junior Cycling.

Track Cycling – TBD


"Thanks for the CX Coaching Certification last weekend! It was really great, and even though 'cross is the aspect of cycling I am most interested in already, I still learned a lot! Thanks again for your work in making coaching certification more valuable for us!" Christopher T. Smith

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