Crain tops strong American effort with bronze in BMX Worlds main


Crain had a great start in the main and despite some bumpy racing managed the bronze.
Crain had a great start in the main and despite some bumpy racing managed the bronze.
Brooke Crain
(Visalia, Calif./Haro-Rockstar) again gave the United States its only championship class medal of the day, earning bronze in the junior elite women’s main at the UCI BMX World Championships. After putting more riders in the finals across all four championship divisions than any other nation, the U.S. suffered several near-podium misses in Copenhagen on Saturday.
After winning the silver in the new Time Trial Superfinal yesterday, Crain pulled out the bronze in Saturday’s junior elite women’s main event despite nearly being crashed out of the final when another rider landed on her back wheel, knocking her out of the lead on the first straight.
“I held it steady, came back and then tried to pass the leader,” explained Crain, the 2010 silver-medalist. “I tried to pull a high-low on the last turn and got blocked. We were battling on the rhythm section, then I guess I got passed at the line.”
Crain rode strong, taking first or second in each of her qualifying runs, as did her teammate Danielle George (Palmdale, Calif./Supercross BMX) who just missed the podium in fourth. Youngster Shelby Stacy (Bakersfield, Calif.) nearly made the junior women’s final, finishing ninth.
“My expectations were to win after getting second last year as a first year junior,” said Crain. “I’m really disappointed. I know there are bigger things to come, but it is still heartbreaking though. My teammates, the staff and fans were all so great; they really helped lift me up.”
The U.S. was only able to put one rider in the elite men’s final as Connor Fields (Henderson, Nev./Chase BMX) finished seventh in the main event. Top American qualifier and first-round World Cup winnerCorben Sharrah (Tucson, Ariz./GT Bicycles) suffered an unavoidable crash in the quarterfinals, knocking him out of the competition. Nic Long (Lakeside, Calif./Haro-Rockstar) was also dealt a tough break in the semis and finished 15th after racing strong all day.   
Cagey veteran Arielle Martin (Spanaway, Wash./Intense BMX) showed her tenacity coming back after a bad crash in her second heat race to finish fifth in the elite women’s final. Her American teammate Amanda Geving (Largo, Fla./MCS-Troy Lee Designs) also had a strong performance, stepping up to make the final after qualifying 27th yesterday.
Youngster Lain van Oogle (Auburn, Wash.) showed the strength of USA Cycling’s development pipeline nearly capturing a surprise podium spot in the junior men’s division, earning fifth. Another quarterfinal crash victim Rusty Nesvig (San Diego, Calif./Factory Intense) finished 16th.
“They definitely all worked hard and prepared well,” said USA Cycling BMX Programs Director Mike King. “There is some amount of luck involved in BMX and sometimes there is some bad luck. It is definitely a humbling sport. You can be on top of the world one day and then watching from the stands the next day. We had good chemistry as a team and everyone did their particular job well. At the end of the day I think we got the best out of everyone. These guys understand there will be good days and bad days and this is just the beginning of the journey.”
Competition at these BMX World Championships will wrap up Sunday with the challenge class cruiser world titles awarded in Copenhagen. In all 2,200 BMX-riders from 38 countries are racing for gold in 44 challenge classes and four elite classes over five days of competition.
UCI BMX World Championships
Copenhagen, Denmark
July 25 – 31, 2011
U.S. Team Info
Championship Class FULL RESULTS
Elite Men’s Main
1. Joris Daudet (FRA) 33.444
2. Maris Stromberge (LAT) 33.927
3. Marc Willers (NZL) 33.954
7.  Connor Fields (Henderson, Nev./Chase BMX)37.599
15. Nicholas Long (Lakeside, Calif./Haro-Rockstar)
16. Barry Nobles (Wetumpka, Ala.)  
17.Joshua Meyers (Treasure Island, Fla.)
22. David Herman (Wheat Ridge, Colo./Intense BMX)
23. Jason Rogers (Mesquite, Texas)
31. Corben Sharrah (Tucson, Ariz./GT Bicycles)
46. Kyle Bennett (Conroe, Texas)
54. Joey Bradford (Monterey, Calif.)
56. Denzel Stein (Desoto, Texas) 34.725
62. Jared Garcia (Victorville, Calif.) 35.043
Elite Women’s Main
1. Mariana Pajon (COL) 37.621
2. Sarah Walker (NZL) 38.095
3. Magalie Pottier (FRA)38.396
5.  Arielle Martin (Spanaway, Wash./Intense BMX) 39.367
7. Amanda Geving (Largo, Fla./MCS-Troy Lee Designs) 41.483
19. Amanda Carr Carr (Punta Gorda, Fla./Endeavor-Rip XX Racing)
Disappointed with third, Crain was not all smiles on the podium.
Disappointed with third, Crain was not all smiles on the podium.
Junior Men’s Main

1. Alfredo Campo (ECU) 34.883
2. Trent Woodcock (NZL) 34.989
3. Antonin Dupire (FRA) 35.395
5. Lain van Oogle (Auburn, Wash.) 36.072
16. Rusty Nesvig (San Diego, Calif./Factory Intense)
22. Nathan Padilla (Lakewood, Calif.)
23. Paul Wassenaar (Bellflower, Calif.)
25. Nicholas Koehler (Tustin, Calif.)
28. Justin Posey (Winston Salem, N.C.) 36.204
33. Austin Hiatt (Fresno, Calif.)
47. Austin Loebe (Dover, Del.)
Junior Women’s Main
1. Melinda McLeod (AUS) 38.828
2. Abbie Taylor (GBR) 39.479
3. Brooke Crain (Visalia, Calif./Haro-Rockstar) 39.481
4. Danielle George (Palmdale, Calif./Supercross BMX) 40.120
9. Shelby Stacy (Bakersfield, Calif.)

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