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Bryant Funston
Memphis, TN 38018
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Club ID: 8490
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
Bryant Funston
Madison Joiner

Event Organizers:
Bryant Funston
Mark Yoshida

Club Teams:
Marx-Bensdorf / BPC Cycling Team

W = Women Only Team
JR = Juniors Only Team
M = Masters Only Team
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Sponsored Events
2018-1580 Rockabilly Gran Prix
2017-2004 Woman's Clinic Rockabilly Revolution
2017-1664 Rockabilly Gran Prix
2017-1664 Rockabilly Gran Prix
2016-1425 Lift Wellness Center Rockabilly Gran Prix
2016-953 The Woman's Clinic Rockabilly Revolution
2015-1503 The Kirkland Cancer Center Rockabilly Gran Prix
2014-1523 Rockabilly Gran Prix
2014-1523 Rockabilly Gran Prix
2013-1272 JJ the Rooster Memorial Road Race
2013-850 Rockabilly Gran Prix
2012-1604 Marx-Bensdorf Jackson TN Trainer
2011-1123 Marx- Bensdorf Jackson TN Trainer
2011-343 Mad Crunk, Super Flossy, Strait Flexin, Ain't Fron
2010-3253 Spooky Cross
2010-353 Long Road Training Race
2009-2213 Marx- Bensdorf Memphis Sizzler RR
2009-453 Long Road Training Race
2007-1569 Marx & Bensdorf / Smith & Nephew Omnium
2006-1895 Marks And Bensdorf Gran Prix
2006-1654 Forrest City Cycling Classic
2005-2178 Spooky Cross Cyclocross Race
2005-1082 Forrest City Cycling Classic
2005-1013 Brighton Bank Grand Prix