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Wood -N- Wave
Team Wood-N-Wave
2109 Dover Road
Grand Rivers, KY 42045
(270) 362-2453
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Club ID: 11730
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
Kevin Bohanon
Timothy Ingland
Barry Reed
John Skinner
Caleb Skinner

Event Organizers:
Carrie Ranee Gough
Timothy Ingland
Caleb Skinner
Tony Wilbourn

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Sponsored Events
2018-3031 Race to the Canal
2018-1308 White Lightning XC
2017-666 Race to the Canal
2017-666 Race to the Canal
2017-665 White Lightning XC
2016-2947 Race to the Canal
2016-1609 White Lightning XC
2016-1609 White Lightning XC
2012-949 Race To The Canal
2012-948 12 Hours of the Canal Loop
2012-947 White Lightning
2011-416 Race To The Canal
2011-401 12 Hours of the Canal Loop
2011-369 White Lightning
2010-969 Race To The Canal
2010-967 White Lightning
2009-29 Race To The Canal
2009-28 12 Hours of the Canal Loop
2009-27 White Lightning
2008-439 Race To The Canal
2008-438 12 Hours of the Canal Loop
2008-437 White Lightning
2007-2571 Race To The Canal
2007-2155 12 Hours of the Canal Loop
2007-1363 White Lightning XC Race