Barry Nobles


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Barry Nobles
Date of Birth: December 2, 1986
Height: 5'6"/1.68m
Weight: 175 lbs./79kg./12.7st.
Place of Birth:  Montgomery, Alabama
Hometown: Wetumpka, Alabama
Residence: Sun City, California
High School: Wetumpka H.S. (Wetumpka, Ala.) '05
Team/Sponsors: DK Bicycles

Hobbies: Skydiving, snowboarding and mountain biking

Favorite Race: Any supercross event

Favorite Place to Train: Chula Vista Olympic Training Center

Best Cycling Memory: Winning his first amateur world title in 2003

Best Advice Received From a Coach When Starting Out: To work hard and never give up. Training never gets easy, you just get better.

Cycling & Personal/Career Goals: National title, world title, and Rio Olympics

What Makes You Unique?: "My riding style and how I approach a training session. Most people would take as me being crazy or not taking it seriously. I thrive off the adrenaline to have peak performance training session. Sending a triple gap or hitting the whole track first lap is me getting to that level I want to feel when that session begins. If I'm having fun with a smile on my face, then it's a good day."

Did You Know?: Barry's little brother plays college baseball.

Career Highlights

  • 8th place — 2013 UCI BMX World Championships, Auckland, New Zealand
  • 16th place — 2013 UCI BMX World Championships, Auckland, New Zealand
  • 1st place — 2013 USA Cycling Gravity Mountain Bike National Championships, Dual Slalom, Angel Fire, N.M.
  • 4th place — 2012 UCI Supercross BMX World Cup #1 - Chula Vista, California
  • 5th place — 2012 USA Cycling BMX National Championships, Chula Vista, California
  • 17th place — 2012 UCI BMX World Championships, Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • 16th place — 2011 UCI BMX World Championships, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2010 ABA #1 Pro Cruiser

Points of Interest

  • Nobles is experimenting with a custom-designed two-speed hub that allows him to switch from a 44/16 to 44/15 in the air. In a sport where hundredths of seconds determine the winner, a little more on every pedal stroke may make all the difference.


Barry began racing BMX at the ripe old age of three years old. After the track in his local area shut down, he took a few years off before his parents began allowing him to race while visiting him aunt in Pelham, Ala., nearly an hour drive. His dedicated parents became crucial to his budding career; his mother even took over as the track operator at Pelham BMX.

Nobles collected his first national title when he bested the elite men's field in the dual slalom at the 2013 USA Cycling Gravity Mountain Bike National Championships in Angel Fire, N.M.

At age 17, Barry won the 2003 17+ world championships and finally realized this may be more than just a hobby. "Local pro, John Andrews took me under his wing, was always there pushing and made me realize my potential."

He currently resides in Menifee, Calif., when he isn't travelling the world racing BMX. He also spends a lot of time on skype with his girlfriend, Austrailian BMX champ Caroline Buchannan, who he met at his first international BMX competition in 2009. 

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