Athlete Protection Policies


The following policies related to athlete protection are key components of the USA Cycling Code of Conduct:

Section 1. The athlete’s welfare is paramount. Athlete protection is everybody’s responsibility and appropriate steps must be taken to reduce risk and safeguard athletes who have every right to be safe in the activities in which they are involved. All athletes, whatever their age, culture, disability, language, racial origin, religious belief, gender, sexual orientation and/or gender identification have a right to protection from abuse.

Section 2. In addition to complying with the USA Cycling Code of Conduct, Athletes, Coaches, Clubs, Committee Members, Independent Contractors, Local Associations, Mechanics, Officials, Program Managers and Directors, Race Directors, Soigneurs, Team Managers and Directors, USA Cycling Board of Directors Members, USA Cycling Employees, Volunteers, and all other USA Cycling Licensees and Participants (collectively, “any participant held accountable by this Code”) shall refrain from these six (6) broad categories of misconduct:

Section 3. All suspicions and allegations of abuse, misconduct or violations of the USA Cycling Code of Conduct and/or Athlete Protection Policy will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately. Any person witnessing, or having a reasonable suspicion of, a violation of the USA Cycling Code of Conduct and/or Athlete Protection Policy must immediately report the violation to the Risk Protection Manager.

It is important you do not investigate your suspicions or allegations on your own; you must allow the local authorities or USA Cycling, or their appointee, to handle any investigation. If a threat of immediate harm exists, contact local law enforcement before contacting the Risk Protection Manager. USA Cycling has ZERO TOLERANCE for abuse and misconduct.

Willfully Tolerating Misconduct

It is a violation of this Athlete Protection Policy if a staff member and/or volunteer knows of misconduct, but takes no action to intervene on behalf of the athlete(s), participant(s), staff member, and/or volunteer.


Although these policies are designed to reduce misconduct, it can still occur. Staff members, volunteers and participants of USA Cycling shall follow the reporting procedures set forth in USA Cycling’s Reporting Policy.


Violations of this Athlete Protection Policy shall be reported pursuant to our reporting policy and will be addressed under our complaint and grievance procedures in Policy III .

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